I am Reformer is a project in which we have a vision to bring green revolution in our society.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • I confirm that I am fully aware of the eligibility criteria and terms of the Act for Biodiversity Challenge and that I am eligible to apply.
  • I am 18 years old or older.

Initiative's representative name

Syed Saud ul Hassan

Initiative's representative date of birth

6th June, 1992

Initiative's representative gender

  • Man

Headquarters location: country

  • Pakistan

Headquarters location: city

Hyderabad, Sindh

Where are you making a difference?


Website or social media url(s)


Date Started

August 2019

Project Stage

  • Start-up (first few activities have happened)

Yearly Budget : What is your current yearly budget for the initiative?

  • €10k - €50k

Organization Type

  • Nonprofit/NGO

1. Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this project to succeed.

Let me share here a story of Syed Saud ul Hassan as he is having a problem of dust allergy and due to this he is facing much problems every where. Once he grew up he decided to make his city clean & green and as he found us he discussed his idea with us and we got some support from our forestry department and due to this on the Independence day of our country we planned to initiate a campaign in august & our Independence day comes on 14th of August so we make it for 14 days campaign under which we did this at several educational institutes as they must need to know the importance of greenery and clean environment.

2. The problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

As there were lack of trees and green areas in our city so we are solving the problem of eliminating the dust and smoke happening from traffic and factories.

3. Your solution: How are you working to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

We plant trees which are beneficial for health purpose plus those plants which can survive in the atmospheric changes of our city.

4. Innovation: How are you innovating or using unique approaches to solve the problem?

We are making it innovative as we are collaborating with several educational institutes which are the main hub to capture the attention of our upcoming generations & youth. In such regard our approach is unique for solving the specified problem.

5. Collaboration: How does your initiative seek to bring key players together to preserve biodiversity?

Yes of course our initiative can and will bring those key players together who can really create a policy on national level like we have collaborated with the Government department of Forestry and we signed an MOU with them for taking this initiative(Policy Makers), Local Community (beneficiary) & Students and Youth Icons(Implementer). As we believe that together we can make difference.

6. Impact: how has your project made a difference so far — in terms of both business outputs and social impact? How do you plan on measuring progress?

We have engaged around thousand students from 15 Institutes which includes all communities not only a single one. As per business strategy is concern so we are getting positive impact from some companies which are supporting us in this cause and yet we have received 3,000 Euros which we used for the purchases of trees and other merchandises as well.

7. Growth strategies: what are your main strategies for scaling your impact?

We are looking forward to scale it up to other cities as well where the knowledge of this project is lesser. This includes Geographical scaling up, Training for other institutes' students, Reforming policies for the national level & to add this activity in the curriculum of the youngsters as well.

8. Creating shared value: How does your initiative create value for society? Or different stakeholders?

Our initiative is working on Un's Sustainable Development Goal 13 that is Climate Action. through this we are creating value in the decade of action and it directly creates value for the upcoming generations. As they will get a better atmosphere to live in & spend their lives better than us.

9. Financial sustainability plan: can you tell us about your plan to fund your project and how that plan will be sustainable in the short, medium, and long term?

Our Short Term plan is to create & spread awareness through activities and training session in the same city with other institutes. Our Medium term plan is to scale it up to 5 more cities of our country. Our Long Term plan includes to make it a policy at national level and to add it up in curriculum of schools for making it a necessary part of life of Youth.

10. Team: what is the current composition of your current team (types of roles, qualifications, full-time vs. part-time, board members, etc.), and how do you plan to evolve the team’s composition as the project grows?

We have a complete team which works under given manner. Syed Saud ul Hassan (Project Head) Maryam Khalid (Project Coordinator) Yasir Ali (Marketing Manger) Syed Wajahat Ali (Finance Head) Daniyal Waseem (Team Lead) Ali Raza (Team Assistant) and then we have 10 Team Members who works as per their responsibilities in every activity. They all work in Full-Time working hours and they all are Graduated.

11. How did you hear about this challenge?

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Evaluation results

3 evaluations so far


Yes, absolutely! - 0%

Yes/maybe - 66.7%

Maybe - 33.3%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%


5 —Absolutely! It’s crystal clear how the solution is directly contributing to preserving and/or restoring biodiversity. - 33.3%

4—Yes, it establishes a clear connection to biodiversity. - 33.3%

3—Somewhat, the entry speaks to biodiversity but the direct impact is not well established and/or it is focused on a single species without considering its impact on the broader ecosystem - 33.3%

2—Not really, the connection to biodiversity is weak - 0%

1—No. The entry does not reference the solution’s impact on biodiversity. - 0%

3. 3) Is this entry IMPACTFUL?

5 -Yes, absolutely! - 33.3%

4- Yes, I think so. - 0%

3- Maybe. - 66.7%

2- Probably not. - 0%

1- No. - 0%

4. 4) Is this entry INNOVATIVE?

5 -Yes, absolutely! - 33.3%

4- Yes, I think so. - 33.3%

3- Maybe. - 33.3%

2- Probably not. - 0%

1- No. - 0%

5. 5) Is this entry VIABLE financially and operationally?

5 -Yes, absolutely! - 33.3%

4- Yes, I think so. - 0%

3- Maybe. - 33.3%

2- Probably not. - 33.3%

1- No. - 0%


5 -Yes, absolutely! - 33.3%

4- Yes, I think so. - 66.7%

3- Maybe. - 0%

2- Probably not. - 0%

1- No. - 0%

7. 7) Does this entry value COLLABORATION WITH OTHER STAKEHOLDERS in its approach?

5- Yes, absolutely! - 33.3%

4- Yes, I think ko. - 66.7%

3- Maybe. - 0%

2- Probably not. - 0%

1- No. - 0%

8. 8) FEEDBACK – Highlights

INNOVATION: You have a great understanding of the problem, have researched existing solutions, and have developed unique, thoughtful new solutions - 33.3%

IMPACT: You use specific numbers and evidence to describe what your project has achieved so far (or plan to achieve in the future) and you have a plan for measuring impact - 33.3%

GROWTH & LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: You have a thoughtful plan for growth and your founding team has a strong combination of leadership and knowledge-based skills - 33.3%

VIABIBLITY: You have given a great deal of thought to not just the idea itself but how to make it work from a financial perspective in the present and future - 33.3%

CHANGEMAKING ACTIVATION: You value thinking around how to activate changemakers and empower them to innovate through your product or programming - 100%

POTENTIAL TO CREATE SHARED VALUE: You have a clearly defined plan on how to maximize shared value across multiple sectors and stakeholders - 66.7%

WRITING STYLE: Your writing style is concise, descriptive, clear, and specific - 0%

Other option - 0%

9. 9) FEEDBACK - Areas for Improvement

INNOVATION: Be more specific in your description of the research you have done into the past solutions to this problem and focus on how your solution is unique and innovative - 50%

IMPACT: Provide specific instances of your social impact and how you plan to measure impact – it may be helpful to describe the beneficiaries, products and programming, and provide evidence of (or plan for) how to measure impact - 50%

GROWTH & LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: Your plan for growing the organization can benefit from more specifics. How can you round out the various skills of your current leadership team to make the project a long-term success? - 0%

VIABILITY: Make sure you have provided descriptive information about your financial sustainability plan. Where do the funds come from now and do you have a concrete plan for future sustainability? - 100%

POTENTIAL TO CREATE SHARED VALUE: your plan can benefit from more thought on how to create value for all stakeholders, not just immediate beneficiaries - 50%

WRITING STYLE: Try to be more concise, descriptive, clear, and specific. Avoid jargon. - 50%

Nothing – I thought everything was great! - 0%

CHANGEMAKING ACTIVATION: Try to provide more insights into how you are activating changemakers and empowering them to innovate through your product or programming - 0%

Other option - 0%


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