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Team of Teams is a critical part of what we do as changemakers within Ashoka. Whether it’s informal or formal, we’ve all experienced it in some way. There are lots of great things about team of teams, but it is also very, very difficult. There’s usually lots of stakeholders involved, sometimes unclear outcomes and no guarantee for financial sustainability.

That leads us to the question, How can we make Team of Teams easier?

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Looking forward to this process and to supporting the successful adaptation to a team of teams organizational model. I use this model within my own organizations and have some thoughts on the challenges and what needs to be done to make it work. If I were to pick out the toughest challenge I would say it is goal alignment. In a team of teams model one has to work hard to get to and keep goal alignment as one needs to orchestrate individual, team and higher level goals. Goals bubble up from the bottom and do not just come down from the top. People are generally on more than one team and have to manage the tensions this can cause. This leads to a complex set of tensions that well managed is energizing but poorly managed can lead to paralysis.