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We want to hear your thoughts and ideas - what do you love about Team of Teams? What do you find frustrating about it? How have you experienced success? We've developed questions across 8 different categories related to team of teams. They are all optional, so share as much or as little as you would like!

The categories are: 

1. Team composition - What is the ideal makeup of a Team of Teams?

2. Goal Setting - An aligned, shared goal is critical for ToT, how do we get there? How do we determine alignment on a common goal and/or output that is going to be accomplished as a result of your team of teams effort?

3. Financial Sustainability - How do we account for our own staff time as well as any additional costs associated with Team of Teams?

4. Communication - How do we best communicate across the different teams, countries and languages that often make of ToT efforts?

5. Decision-Making - How can we empower team members to take ownership and drive forward ToT projects?

6. Feedback - How can we provide feedback and professional development to team members?

7. Rewards and Incentives - Are there incentives that Ashoka can offer to encourage and reward high-quality Team of Teams?

8. Time Management & Priority Setting - How to balance ToT responsibilities with the already heavy responsibilities of your role?

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