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Ashoka has grown into a big tree, that it's sometimes quite difficult to trace who's who from what department and based in where. With such difficulty to know and locate a person's "nest" in Ashoka branch, we need to contact multiple points before getting to the right person (e.g. to reach somebody in Indonesia a staff in South Africa sometimes has to email multiple global staff before the email reach me).  

Of course we have "phonebook directory" in salesforce and long list of country offices team in the website, but it's not always updated. Why not make it easier to get to (geographic) location and (organizational) position by visualizing these directory - e.g. using a map and a nice family-tree with pictures and contacts.   



How do you define a Team of Teams (this isn’t a test!)? What is an example of one that you have experienced or seen?

Team of teams is being fluid enough to mix with anyone in whichever team to create a perfect solution (lit. homogeneous type of mixture of two or more substances. A solution has two parts: a solute and a solvent. The solute is the substance that dissolves, and the solvent is the majority of the solution) for whatever we try to achieve

TEAM COMPOSITION: Are there any specific roles and/or attributes that you believe are necessary for an effective Team of Teams?

Team facilitator who helps build strong identity, goal, and coordination mechanism upon consensus.

TEAM COMPOSITION: Please share any challenges you've experienced related to putting together a Team of Teams. How have you overcome these challenges?

One of it is locating the right person to contact on the global/ other country offices. e.g. to know who's in charge of what in one country office I usually have to contact the country reps first and wait patiently as the reps usually have tons of other emails and things to do.

TEAM COMPOSITION: Are there any successful approaches to creating a strong team that you would like to share?

Scheduled regular meeting and retreat, and growing online and offline team building effort - as I experienced in Network Activation team.

GOAL SETTING: In your opinion, how should we measure success for Team of Teams projects?

Depending on the content, each member can submit a set of team goals based on specific interest, in which the team facilitator can summarized into higher level of common interest.

FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: Do you have a successful approach for ensuring financial sustainability of Team of Teams projects?

Not yet, but I suppose putting some time percentage to practice team of team as an obligatory apart from the main role might do, in addition to tapping other resources.


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