Ingredients Needed for More Successful Team of Teams


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Reem Rahman

TEAM COMPOSITION: Are there any successful approaches to creating a strong team that you would like to share?

• Recognizing that doers are leaders. • Need to empower more staff to take on ownership and let them lead. This keeps morale high

COMMUNICATION: Please share any successful approaches to communicating across a Team of Teams:

• Innovation mappings are critical as first phases of partnerships, helps engagements align with CEJs. Maps directly to Venture Teams and Global teams. • Ashoka’s decentralized structure requires an internal plan for who we need to engage with. For example, Flick McLean in the UK office creates a marketing plan for how to engage internal Ashoka staff for challenges and internal engagements.

DECISION-MAKING: Do you have a successful approach related to decision-making within Team of Teams?

• Clarity and accountability is incredibly critical. Without this, team members are not empowered to make decisions. While a flat organization has many benefits, one of the challenges can be that you don’t know who is making decision. You have to have clarity on who is making the final decision, otherwise the right decisions don’t’ get made at the right time, or team members are not able to help give the right input to the right decision makers (due to not knowing who it is). • Being agile and quick is also critical for team of teams. We need to hire people faster and make decisions faster.

Is there anything else related to Team of Teams you would like to share?

• Reem created this checklist for how to do ToT well and setup engagements for success: • Tim’s reflections and LRP recommendations based on his experience working with Lego. This can be used as a guide for how partnerships/ToT work set up for success:


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