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How do you define a Team of Teams (this isn’t a test!)? What is an example of one that you have experienced or seen?

ToT (a Team of Teams) can be a collaborative work that consists of people of parties that have different skills and talents to achieve a common goals. There are three ToT types that I have seen so far: 1) ToT with external partners, 2) Task force type ToT and 3) ToT organizational governing architecture, which shows how an organization can work together among teams for common goals. I think Ashoka has a lot of task force type ToT, but I have a confusion that this might not be a good example of ToT since this is a team of individuals, not a team of "teams." However, this task force type of team of teams should have similar success factors to the other ToT to be successful.

TEAM COMPOSITION: Are there any specific roles and/or attributes that you believe are necessary for an effective Team of Teams?

First, I think there should be "A team" that leads the "teams." In a team of teams, the leading team is not clear, it is possible that no one will lead and the whole team of teams will be running without discipline. Secondly, the teams should have different skills or experiences so that they can contribute differently and effectively to a common goal. Lastly, they should all share why they need this team of teams and be on the same page for a common vision. This will provide enough energy to help them overcome obstacles together and lead to a success at the end.


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