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ToT Thoughts

How do you define a Team of Teams (this isn’t a test!)? What is an example of one that you have experienced or seen?

I related the ToT concept to what I saw in the consulting world - where you can fluidly move from working on project to the next (sometimes even simultaneously).

TEAM COMPOSITION: Are there any specific roles and/or attributes that you believe are necessary for an effective Team of Teams?

Teams should be too big (more than 6) and the roles should be meaty and impactful (e.g. don't just have someone the team that just takes notes).

TEAM COMPOSITION: Please share any challenges you've experienced related to putting together a Team of Teams. How have you overcome these challenges?

ToTs should be tied to time-bound projects with clear deliverables, like consulting projects. Otherwise scope creep will inevitable increase everyone's work load beyond 100% and will never end.

TEAM COMPOSITION: Are there any successful approaches to creating a strong team that you would like to share?

Need to have 1 clear decision makers and strong leaders (who can delegate when necessary, or have the courage to say NO to ideas when necessary) + clear roles/deliverables for others on the team. Hierarchy is important. I think it's also important to approach people who have actual capacity to be on a ToT so they can provide value.

GOAL SETTING: In your opinion, how should we measure success for Team of Teams projects?

If they complete on time, on budget, and with the intended success.

GOAL SETTING: Please share any successful approaches to goal setting for a Team of Teams project:

In our Ops ToT (Teamweavers), we brainstormed topics in the beginning of what we wanted to talk about. We rotate the facilitator role and that person is repsonsible for curating the monthly session, but we each volunteer on who will tackle the solutions pieces.

REWARDS & INCENTIVES: Please share any ideas for incentives or rewards that would compel you to participate further in Team of Teams projects:

Make certain ToT priority goals (or a part of meta-goals). Incentivize Diamond Leaders to pay for the time of their staff to be on 'loan' to ToT (e.g. partial payment of payroll as GSC credit, etc.)

Is there anything else related to Team of Teams you would like to share?

We probably should make specific program codes for ToT to be clear on how much time staff spend on ToT.


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