Connor Abrahams

I want to be apart of this programme to better the world for current generations and future

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Will you be participating as an individual or as part of a group?

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  • Volunteering Opportunities

What did you perceive and notice while volunteering?

I noticed a lot of cigarette buds and styrofoam on the beach.

How do you feel about having been involved in this work?

I feel good and that I have done my contribution towards our planet.

What do you think and feel about the activity itself?

It is a good way to get people involved in activities that better the world.

What did doing this activity mean to you?

It meant that I did my part in helping to create a better environment for people and for myself.

What value did this activity have?

It added a sense of morality and a sense of helping the world again.

What did you learn from this activity, and how might you use this to apply any lesson to your life more generally?

I learnt how to communicate in a team and create better living/ work spaces.

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Beach clean up ASHOKA


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