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I would like to make a change by providing help in any way possible for the less fortunate people and/or communities.

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What did you perceive and notice while volunteering?

I noticed that there are still many people ignoring the obvious problems in their community. In this case the garbage on the beach. Many people would walk past it but nobody stopped to pick it up or do anything about it.

How do you feel about having been involved in this work?

It feels good to have been able to help out the community, even if it wasn't a lot. I hope to have been able to contribute slightly to the improvement of the amount of trash on that beach.

What do you think and feel about the activity itself?

I think the activity went by really quickly, even though it was very hot and we were all getting sweaty. It shows that everyone was enjoying themselves and were able to have a good time while also cleaning the beach.

What did doing this activity mean to you?

It meant more than I originally thought it would, because I genuinely felt as if though I had accomplished something.

What value did this activity have?

It had a lot of value, as even though it was something new that I hadn't done before, it went by really quickly.

What did you learn from this activity, and how might you use this to apply any lesson to your life more generally?

I learned that doing things out of my comfort zone can be challenging but also rewarding.

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Image of three of us after the beach cleanup.

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