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Will you be participating as an individual or as part of a group?

  • Group

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Jordi, Connor

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the sign up was difficult, also I am on crutches.

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  • Volunteering Opportunities

What did you perceive and notice while volunteering?

During volunteering, I felt the and noticed the feeling caring for the environment and society. also working as a teams helped.

How do you feel about having been involved in this work?

I feel that it has opened me up to the litter problem on the beaches of Singapore.

What do you think and feel about the activity itself?

it was fun but at the same time hard as it was hot and busy.

What did doing this activity mean to you?

It meant I got to help the community I live in.

What value did this activity have?

the value of this activity was building a relationship with my peers and the community

What did you learn from this activity, and how might you use this to apply any lesson to your life more generally?

I think I learnt that is important to take care of the environment and especially our local environment.

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