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I want to contribute because everyone can make a difference in the community, something I wish to do.

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What did you perceive and notice while volunteering?

I noticed that there should be a lot more personal and community efforts put into cleaning the environment, as well as some regulations in order to control and manage litter and its effects on the wildlife.

How do you feel about having been involved in this work?

I feel grateful as it has helped bring me more personal awareness about my own service efforts as well as others.

What do you think and feel about the activity itself?

I think it was a fun activity as I got to grow closer to those that attended the activity. The activity was also physically demanding as it required lots of bending and carrying of heavy plastic bags under the sun.

What did doing this activity mean to you?

This activity served as a learning lesson for me as I got to interact and engage in direct service with a global issue that I am passionate about.

What value did this activity have?

This activity holds a lot of value to me, as I learnt and grew in terms of awareness and skills.

What did you learn from this activity, and how might you use this to apply any lesson to your life more generally?

I learnt a lot about teamwork and the importance of strength in numbers. The beach cleanup would have been a lot harder if I had done it alone; with help from my teammates, we managed to cover more land area which ultimately helped to clear more rubbish. This gain in knowledge about teamwork can help me with any future projects or group-related activities.

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From the beach cleanup.

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Hi, can you tell me how you got access to the form on the share and reflect phase? Thanks