Xavier Stillhart

I would like to help the community through working with people and/or animals.

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What did you perceive and notice while volunteering?

I noticed the main issue, and what the real problem is. One of the big issues is the people don't notice that this problem is currently going on.

How do you feel about having been involved in this work?

It feels good knowing that I have done something to help the world even if its just by doing something small like this.

What do you think and feel about the activity itself?

I think that it really wasn't that hard, the time went by really fast, and i feel like it woudl be something I do again.

What did doing this activity mean to you?

At first it didn't mean much, I was doing it to help my brother but after it really showed me the amount of trash on the beach and how people really dont care or notice the issue.

What value did this activity have?

It made me feel accomplished and other could see us hopefully inspiring them

What did you learn from this activity, and how might you use this to apply any lesson to your life more generally?

Well its not hard to make a difference, even if its just something small, you might as well do it.

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Beach cleanup with group


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