HIV Infected/Affected Daycare

What if HIV infected/ affected children, who are now being rejected, can find a safe place to support their development

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Though born innocent, HIV+ children have to cope with problems and stigma attached. As most HIV cases in Indonesia are among injecting drug users, they are also impacted by parents’ drug addiction and prolonged family conflict. Lacking socio-psychological and health support in golden age period, they potentially become the next lost generation.

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A data from Rumah Cemara shows that at least 300 children (Aged 0-19) are recorded as HIV+ in West Java. While some have accessed ARV Treatment, many have to cope with other opportunistic infections which include multi-drug combination for treatment. Vulnerability to side effects and lack of knowledge among home caregivers have caused these children to suffer health problem, and subsequent socio-psychological effect.

ur solution is Integrated Early Childhood Center for HIV infected/affected children, in which we provide: 1) Day care, respite care, and 24-hour emergency care in a safe, loving environment for children infected & affected by HIV/AIDS. 2) Parental education and caregiver training enhance the quality of care, and thus quality of family life. Included here referral to rehab program for parents with drug addiction problem. 3) Public education about HIV/AIDS to prevent the disease from spreading and to eliminate the stigma. In collaboration with other community resources the center will also prepare pre-school children for inclusion and entry into primary school

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Hi eppel eve - I lived in DC for a decade, working with my non-profits and know how instrumental this work is to advance wellbeing for children and families. Looks like your submission is incomplete - i don't see a section impact, value prop, etc. Really hope you are able to complete / publish it! Would like to read more! Good luck!