The Garden State Community Kitchen

What if every child was armed with the knowledge, skills, and desire to grow and cook food for themselves?

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When I heard that my internship for my Holistic Culinary school was going to be in a kitchen where predominantly teenagers were the chefs, I was wary. How safe would that be? How well would they work? Would they just be on their phones? When I attended my first day there I was immediately amazed at how off-base my predictions were. These kids were amazing. They supported each other, engaged each other, and encouraged each other. That internship changed my life and is the reason I do what I do.

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  • New Jersey

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Monmouth Junction

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  • New Jersey

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Kendall Park, Princeton, Lawrenceville

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The GSCK addresses the very real and epidemic issue of childhood obesity and the complicated culture of family eating habits. Children are viewed (understandably so) as individuals who are incapable of cooking for themselves or even making choices for the family's meal plan. My program has addressed that dynamic from day one - attempting to bring in family members whenever possible, sending home recipes, worksheets, and offering family challenges

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Allie, I love your idea!  In fact I love anything that has to do with addressing issues of food insecurity.  I was left wishing there was alot more information/detail about your idea.  Please tell me more!  Thank you :)

Andre Wicks