The Happy Camper Project

What if every child with a chronic illness like diabetes had a connected, informed and engaged network of caregivers surrounding them?

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Over 30 years and tens of thousands of children, I have learned that the arduous daily requirements of blood glucose monitoring, insulin administration, choices about food, responses to emergencies should not be placed solely in the hands of a child. They need trained, supportive and engaged caregivers surrounding their efforts, motivating correct choices and actions. We must build a trained, engaged, informed community of family, medical, school and after-school caregivers to promote wellness.

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Hi Shelley, 

The idea of supporting adult caregivers as a pathway to improving children's wellbeing is incredibly exciting. I'm also interested in the integrated approach you describe that involves coordinating support from various adults in a child's life across different places where a child spends time (education, healthcare, family, community). In what ways does your program support and train caregivers? How do you think we can change public will to value the important role that caregivers play? What measure of wellness in children are you aiming to improve? Are you looking at measures of physical and emotional wellbeing? Would love to learn more about what your program does to support children with chronic diseases.