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What if there wasn't a single child that went to bed hungry?

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Founding Story: Share a story about a key experience or spark that helps the network understand why this project got started or a story about how you became inspired about the potential for this project to succeed.

When a child is born into this world, they didn't have a choice. Children don't have a lot of say as to what family they are born to and the financial stability the child has. It is not fair to them that they have to go without food when people can do something about it. The children are our future, they are what our world will be made up of and they need us.

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  • Black or African American (for example: African American, Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Somalian)


Location: Where is your organization headquartered? [State]

  • California

Location: Where is your organization headquartered? [City]

Twentynine Palms

Location: Where is your project primarily creating impact? [State]

  • Arizona

Location: Where is your project primarily creating impact? [City]


Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

My project is to bring awareness to hungry children and have the ability to donate to an origination that helps give food to children who need it. As a designer, I plan to design a campaign to bring attention to this problem and design a shirt that can be purchased that will also bring awareness to this problem plus 25% of the profits will go to an organizations like Feeding America’s Hungry Children.

No child should go to bed hungry every night! The children are our future.. and our future needs us.

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  • Other

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  • Child and Family Services

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Project Stage

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There will be advertisements such as social media post and a video made that will inform people on the problem (starving children) and then direct them to where they can purchase a shirt that will help the cause.

Impact: What was the impact of your work last year? Please also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

This project was not available last year, but I believe that this project could help hundreds if not thousands of starving children.

Organization Type

  • for-profit

Annual Budget

  • $1k - $10k

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is your solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

This project requires little budget, but to maintain and to grow in the future I want to add more organizations that are in need. Partner up with bigger groups on social media to bring more attention.

Unique Value Proposition: How else is this problem being addressed? Are there other organizations working in the same field, and how does your project differ from these other approaches?

This problem as been addressed by organization that host fundraisers. My project is different because one would get a beautifully designed high quality shirt that will remind them of the good that they did plus have something that they can "take home".

Reflect on the Field and its Future: Stepping outside of your project, what do you see as the most important or promising shifts that can advance children’s wellbeing?

What is most important all depends on what someone believes that problem really is. But, we are in a "everything is online" time right now so my viewpoint is to get your organization online. Get in front of the people that you need to help you get that project out there and start making a difference. This is every important because the people who are having the children are the ones that are online and if you are trying to get their attention, online is where you need to be.

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Thanks for your work! Hope you can connect with other child and anti- hunger organizations/ advocates as well on this idea. Best of luck!

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