Your Path Begins with You

What if we could inspire every child to become their personal best - creating the social norm that CARING for YOURSELF and OTHERS is COOL?

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When you engage a student in their growth, they will grow. When you give students the tools and support, they will grow. When a student feels included and respected, they will become the best version of them self. Caring starts with self-care. Kids need the tools to learn how to self-monitor to properly grow. We are piloting our new school program in two states that is designed to help schools, and build stronger students to export into the society. We are using a team of educators and experts.

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We are passionate about helping kids learn how to self-care through self-monitoring. And self-care begins with learning all about your self. Today, schools do not have the tools to adequately teach this. We have partnered with another company to provide the technology to actively engage kids in self-monitoring. Our program organizes a school so that every child IS included and that their unique self is valued and respected.


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Great concept. Helping kids build self-awareness can be a key driver of emotional wellbeing. It would be interesting to see more details on how the program works and how you plan to evaluate it. Best of luck.

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