Compassionate Caregiving

What if every caregiver & child developed their knowledge strength & compassion & live happy successful & meaningful lives.

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Santa Cruz California

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Caregivers do not often have the skills to awaken & nurture insight, efficacy & compassion for themselves & the lives of the children in their care.

A child's primary guide has the most powerful impact on the development of the  child. The child's sense of self as empowered, compassionate beings able to make a difference in the world can be nurtured through the awakened guide. CCC provides a self-reflective program that incorporates mindfulness, reflection & critical thinking to awaken & develop self-knowledge. We work with caregivers to support collaborative & creative ways to integrate practical tools & communication skills into their everyday life that helps to develop healthy habits for positive change.  Through mindfulness & reflection caregivers develop insight into their deepest wishes & values that are then incorporated into their lives through daily practices. In this way the increased awareness of our deepest intentions becomes the guide for living a life more in line with our values.  This becomes a role model for their children & are equipped with skills to guide their children to develop kindness based  new  into Critical thinking, communication, collaboration & creativity are 


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Thank you Maude!
This work is actually secularized.  The purpose was exactly that, to create a secular universal methodology to awaken knowledge (wisdom/insight), Strength (confidence/belief in oneself) & compassion (empathy & altruistic perspective) for people of all ages, ethnicity or religion.
This is our purpose & also the reason we are a small model school,  a learning environment where people from around the world can intern & learn from what we do.
 Thank you for your thoughts! I actually didn't realize anything was visible as we didn't actually complete the proposal due to a time crunch.

Most appreciative

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