LEEP- Life Empowered Employee Plan

To research the probability of initiating a full wellness plan for employer groups of 1-9 employees in Massachusetts.

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Founding Story: Share a story about a key experience or spark that helps the network understand why this project got started or a story about how you became inspired about the potential for this project to succeed.

The health and well being of the families who work for micro businesses continues to fall. The well being of this group (1-9 employees) is the least understood. They pay the highest health insurance premiums and have been hit the hardest financially as well as being at risk for obesity outcomes for children. Aside from anecdotal claims information and U.S. demographic data, these people suffer alone. Go to a convenience store and look into their eyes. The common thread is hopelessness.

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  • White (for example: German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French, Caucasian)

Location: Where is your organization headquartered? [State]

  • Massachusetts

Location: Where is your organization headquartered? [City]

Chatham, Massachusetts

Location: Where is your project primarily creating impact? [State]

  • Massachusetts

Location: Where is your project primarily creating impact? [City]

The project has created a dialogue with federal, state and the management of Massachusetts HMO's.

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The project would like to obtain funding to research out the viability of bringing wellness products to the micro-business marketplace in Massachusetts. We have received a buy-in from one Massachusetts based HMO and are looking for grant expertise to secure research funds.

Is your model focused on any of the following traditionally underserved communities?

  • Communities of color
  • Children who are differently abled
  • LGBTQ or non-binary individuals
  • Religious minorities (non-Christian)
  • Low-income communities

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  • Child and Family Services
  • Community Development and Empowerment

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I am a small group insurance broker who works in Massachusetts.

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The initiative "LEEP", has gained a lot of exposure with public and private sectors. The initiative does have a proven distribution system (the largest health insurance intermediary in New England). The initiative also has private investors who would buy Social Impact Bonds to develop the business model. The initiative does not have the funds to research the viability of changing health outcomes for this market with a wellness plan.

Impact: What was the impact of your work last year? Please also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Last year the LEEP initiative focused on collaboration between community health centers and a private distribution system.

Organization Type

  • hybrid

Annual Budget

  • $1k - $10k

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is your solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The LEEP initiative hopes to gain grant funding to understand the dynamics of the market

Unique Value Proposition: How else is this problem being addressed? Are there other organizations working in the same field, and how does your project differ from these other approaches?

The other players in the market are state government and HMO intiatives. Massachusetts has provided PR -"Mass in Motion" to promote wellness. They have also provided a grant to discount by 25% any contributing business in this state run system. The HMO's have come through with Wellness plans that have little or no utilization. There is little or no research as per the well being of this marketplace. LEEP will gain the info necessary to bring wellness into this market as it should be. Work-site Health Promotion.

Reflect on the Field and its Future: Stepping outside of your project, what do you see as the most important or promising shifts that can advance children’s wellbeing?

Families (mom and pop) are under historic pressure. When we get the parents healthy, the children will follow.

Source: How did you hear about the Children’s Wellbeing Challenge? (the answer will not be public)

  • Changemakers.com

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Hi Rick - Thank you for sharing your work with the Children's Wellbeing Initiative. There is a great need to help parents in having the time and resources needed in order to help break these cycles with future generations.

Future questions and thoughts to consider are how will you measure your impact and how you plan to get funding to continue your great work.