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What if everyone in our community worked together to make sure our children thrive!

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Fourteen community organizations in Manatee County spent over 4,000 hours of strategic planning to determine root causes in our County as to why our young children were failing to thrive. We imagined a community where everyone: Government; Faith-Based; Families; Education; Civic Groups, Businesses and Providers worked together to make sure children thrive. We knew we had to focus on prevention and support of the "Whole Family". This includes all dimensions of a family's well-being: physical & mental health; safe & nurturing environment; economic stability; quality education;m social interaction and competence and spiritual identity. We now work to improve the lives of all families by providing the connections to a complete on-line network of community resources.

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  • Florida

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  • Florida

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Bradenton, Palmetto

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Our prime target families are ones with children 0-8 who W are unable to connect with to necessary resources due to lack of education, language barriers, economic stability or they may not know where to go for help. Working families often struggle due to a lack of time or adequate childcare. Other families are strained by the many demands of caring for young children or with a child with special physical or emotional needs. Whole Child staff validate the families concerns and translate the many and often complex processes that go along with trying to seek assistance. They work within the community, weaving the families plan withe the assistance of our many providers.

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  • Childcare
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  • $100k - $250k

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Hi Pat, the integration of your project across multiple sectors is quite commendable.  It appears that you weren't able to complete the impact section of your submission.  Could you elaborate on the specific impact and ongoing sustainability of your project so far?