The Simunye Youth Development Project 098-026 \NPO based at Weenen We dealing with skills development and awareness campaign

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  • My organization is a nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid organization, or has a fiscal sponsor
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  • Ashoka Network
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Project Manager

Linkedin Profile

simunye Youth

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  • yes

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  • no

Name of the Organization

simunye Youth Development Project

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simunye youth

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simunye Youth Development Project

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Type of Organization

  • Non Profit, NGO, or Citizen Sector Organization

Location(s) of Impact

south Africa weenen town

Maturity Stage

  • Growth (the pilot has already launched and is starting to expand)

Focus Area

  • What alternative, pragmatic, simple materials and safe ways to protect food & beverage can be offered?
  • How can production models and delivery systems be redesigned to eliminate waste?
  • What can food & beverage packaging become after consumption to be a resource for new usage?
  • What ground-up solutions are there to tackle packaging waste in communities?
  • How can consumers, suppliers, and producers be incentivized to adopt a circularity mindset?

Description of the Organization

We aim to empower youth through life skills ,technical skills,business skills and volunteering opportunity such as HIV peer education via our partnerships with local NPO government departmnt.Volunteering will give the yout ,many of whom have never worker,real life experience and help develop their communication and leadership skills while also improving their confidence by making their community abetter place.We want to develop the youth to be prepared for the work place and help youth with their CVs and gaining access to job.

The Initiative

skills Development Awareness Campaign food |Security Programme for poor Family

The Problem

uneducated community unemployed youth and adult poverty in the community lack information

The Solution

do awareness teach community about skills and writing create job opportunity

The Innovation

the project was have innovation with the provincial and district organization through with the government gazette ,we have a space with activate change drive that include all the |NPO on the South Africa

The Impact

we have 300 youth graduete with computer skills more than 500 youth trained with life skills development 200 beneficiary get food on the food security programmer 8 school received awareness campaign 1000 youth volunteer get access to our organization

The Business Model

R 450 000.00 for 3 years

2020 Budget

  • $500k - $1m  

Projected Budget

  • $500k - $1m

The Scalability

we want to sustain our programme ,because we don't have funding 1. Life Skills training and technical skills 2. Youth Commemoration programme 3. Photo voice 4. SRHR awareness campaign 5. Waste Management Campaign 6. Youth Dialogue 7. Food security programme

The Collaboration

we only request the funding to nestle

The Video

i will email all the photos and videos

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