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Okka Phyo

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Business Expansion, marketing, Fundraising

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Singapore, Singapore

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  • For-Profit

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Myanmar : Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Hpa - an Indonesia : Surabaya Malaysia: Kuala lumpur and Georgetown Cambodia: Phnom Penh

Maturity Stage

  • Established (the solution has passed the previous stages and demonstrated success)

Focus Area

  • How can production models and delivery systems be redesigned to eliminate waste?
  • What can food & beverage packaging become after consumption to be a resource for new usage?
  • What ground-up solutions are there to tackle packaging waste in communities?
  • How can consumers, suppliers, and producers be incentivized to adopt a circularity mindset?

Description of the Organization

RecyGlo is a B2B circular economy waste management, data analytics platform as a service company including logistics, training & education, recycling & recovery of raw materials, and sustainability reporting

The Initiative

We will add one more additional scope of work for our organization which is refilling the daily essentials for bulk items for refilling but the rest: a collection of packaging through dedicated plastics recycling bins, recycling of non-recyclable plastics, and data analytics & carbon footprint for partner businesses

The Problem

Plastics bags are used when we go to supermarkets or wet markets where they use plastics bags for logistics reasons and conveniences. However, each household in South East Asia receives an average of 10 plastics bags per day. In addition, Sachets are used for low-income communities where they create additional waste and cause littering, burning, landfill, and end up in the waterways. However, in the modern economy, you still need plastics packaging. We can reduce 1/3 of the plastics consumption at the source. However, people will still need to go to the supermarket and wet market where they need to buy beyond daily essentials where it will have plastics packaging materials and they did not bring their own bags. We need to consider the second filtration which is having dedicated plastics recycling bins to collect the leftover multiple types of plastics and it will be collected as resources to produced wood-substitute plastics lumber for the ceiling, floor, wall, and construction.

The Solution

We solve packaging problems by providing app-based subscription and on-demand bulk refilling services for daily essentials to households by partnering with wholesalers and retailers. We also provide dedicated packaging collections smart bins for those who still need to throw away packaging materials in supermarkets and public areas meanwhile we use a logistics platform to collect plastics bags and plastics packaging to heat press for manufacturing of wood-substitute products. The reverse vending machine is also deployed for better public engagement, dedicated partnership products recollection for recycling and recovery, Wallet and reward point system for users and accessing health and life insurance potentially microfinance.

The Innovation

We have reverse vending machines that we take bottle packaging and exchange points for incentive mechanisms. The platform also gives empowerment, increases income and identity for the Base of Pyramid people by allowing them to register, receive points, access insurance, and even microfinance potentially. Our B2B platform has been recycling more than 500 tons of waste per month using 3PL (Third Party Logistics) that will be used to directly fill the gap of bulk refilling for daily essentials from the supermarket and wet market. We provide data analytics for supermarkets where they partner for dedicated plastics recycling bins. It will provide traceability and transparency for manufacturers and supermarkets. We have IOT smart bins that have fill sensors, weight, moisture, and other sensors that can collect data automatically. The data can be accessed through API and our AI can provide recommendation and visualization for businesses to understand the user behaviours.

The Impact

We are currently saving on average of 1,500 tons of carbon footprint per month, recycle & recover more than 500 tons of raw materials, 100 + business and organizational users in ASEAN, 1.2 million direct impact users. For social impact, we have double the income of more than 1,000 logistics drivers and laborers through RecyGlo. Currently, RecyGlo is a certified ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality management, UN Global compact member, and will be B-corp and ISO 14001 - 2015 environmental management certified company in 2021.

The Business Model

Business Model * Subscription for businesses * Product sale from making wood-substitute products using thermal pressing from non-recyclable plastics * Bulk refill service fee from supermarkets, manufacturers, and wholesaler for daily essentials * Monetization of carbon footprint * Marketing and Co-branding on bins * Commission on daily active users accessing our services online

2020 Budget

  • $250k - $500k

Projected Budget

  • $500k - $1m

The Scalability

We currently have a strong presence in five countries: Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. We already have a proven business model and market leader in Myanmar and will be scaling to other four countries.

The Collaboration

Yes, we see a strong collaboration with Nestle. For example, bulk filing for Nestle products and significantly reducing packaging materials. RecyGlo should be able to do home delivery for bulk filling of Nestle products. Reverse vending machine partnership with Nestle to receive packaging materials back.

The Video

Here We have provided several videos here to highlight our prior experiences, products, the Eureka movement, the introduction of the founder, and our motivation why we are motivated in this field.

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