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Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the winners of the Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize!

The overall winner

  • Promesa: Through a comprehensive education program, Promesa is enabling companies, schools and households to develop self-sustaining community recycling schemes.

The four specially commended:

  • Kudoti: The Kudoti platform is a digital network of recycling stakeholders, empowering a range of organizations - from recyclers and brands to local-level aggregators and collectors - to buy and sell recovered waste resources in a profitable, traceable manner.
  • Planet Protectors: Planet Protectors is developing a mobile game to encourage children to adopt a circularity mindset and make reducing waste a fun and collaborative activity.
  • RecyGlo: RecyGlo has developed a B2B closed-loop platform through which it facilitates refill stations for everyday products, door-to-door delivery for business and households, and collection services for plastic waste.
  • Ricron Panels: Ricron Panels converts hard-to-recycle plastic waste into sustainable building materials. Ricron is a direct substitute for traditional building materials, such as plywood, metal and cement and can be used in applications from housing and sheds to furniture.

Find out more about them here: nes.tl/CSVPrize2020

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