Eco Friendly, Biodegradable alternatives to chemical based products of personal and common hygiene, wihch are handmade.

Chemicals in personal and common hygiene products are responsible for Eutrophication of river and water pollution.Eco friendly alternatives

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Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur

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Chemicals present in personal and common hygiene products like Phosphates, Sulphates are responsible for River and water pollution. Phosphates, sulphates present in detergents causes eutrophication of river which leads to death of aquatic ecosystem. Also hazardous chemicals present in dishwash,floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, handwash causes various skin, respiratory infections. Certain chemicals causes cancer and other serious diseases.

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We have developed Eco friendly,biodegradable alternatives to these chemical based products which are free from toxic chemicals,skin safe and does not have any detrimental effects on health as well as on environment. Fo r example suphates and phosphates present in synthetic detergents are mainly responsible for eutrophication of rivers. Eutrophication is a process of green algal development on surface of river water. Phosphates and sulphates from detergents are disposed in water and causes growth of these algae which inhibits light rays to enter in water and thus depletes oxygen level in water. This causes death of aquatic plants and fishes and in turn leads to death of river. Our liquid detergent which contains soapnuts and shikekai is completely biodegradable and does not contain phosphates,sulphates, surfactants and any other toxic chemicals thus saving water and river pollution.

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We conduct awareness camps in various schools,colleges,corporate making them understand how chemical based products are harming nature and how by using eco friendly alternatives one can reduce chemical burden on environment and help save water and reduce water pollution. We have customer base of around 300 families who live and support toxin free lifestyle. We have also employed below poverty line women and created a sustainable livelihood for them.

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Our products are eco friendly handmade, empowers Below poverty line women..its our USP.

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My mother was working with various NGO's from pune in the field of river and water pollution. While taking awareness sessions they used to tell people not to use synthetic chemical based products for washing clothes, dishes, toilets, floors,etc. So what we should use then asked somebody. thats when she involved me. I am working in field of research from past 10 years and phytochemistry was my area of intrest. Upon working for 1 year on developing various natural formulations we come up with our own products with a single mission save river and water from getting polluted with hazardous chemicals present in cleaning products. we also wanted to empower BPL women so we trained them in manufacturin products. Thats how Ecosoul was born!

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Hi Saniya,

Thank you for sharing this project. I think what you are doing is very innovative, and essential in our world now. There are so many horrible chemicals out there, and providing people with effective natural solutions that do not harm our planet (or themselves) is a great project! I especially enjoyed looking at your brochure and seeing some of your products. I also think it is great that everything is made by women under the poverty line. I would love to know more about your financial model and sustainability of that because what you are doing just must be successful!

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Thank u sage for showing intrest in our project and its great to see you share same vision. So We are entering in second year just now and our sales are up. We are also successful in connecting organic stores across cities near us and building our loyal customer base. Changing peoples perspective is a task so we also organize various awareness sessions in corporates, residential areas and schools. I hope i have answered your questions..if u still want to know more i will be more than happy to share it with you. Thank you so much once again..It feels great when people like you appriciate our idea.