Save Amazon, Revive the Forest with Japanese Multi-Win-Win System: Compatibility of Ecology and Economy through Agroforestry

We solve the serious problem in Amazon of devastation of forests by connecting Japanese unique business relationships with agroforestry.

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Organization name

Fruta Fruta.Inc

Year founded


Initiative stage

  • Growth (the pilot has already launched and is starting to expand)

Annual budget in 2017 (USD)

  • Over $5mil

Number of beneficiaries impacted so far

  • 50,000 - 100,000

Organization type

  • Social enterprise

Secondary Focus Area

  • Rural development
  • Nutrition

Headquarters location: Country

  • Japan

Headquarters location: City


Location(s) of impact

Japan:Tokyo, Kobe,Osaka   Brazil:Amazon, Tomé-açu, Belen Taiwan:Taipei Thailand: Bangkok


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Problem: What problem is this initiative trying to address?

In Amazon the area of forests has been seriously damaged by ruthless developments. Nearly 25% of the primeval forests has disappeared in past 50 years. They expect we will have lost 20% of the forests in the next 20 years, leading to the global warming.The deforestation and decrease of precipitation causes further drying. The disappearance of primeval area means the decay of the ecosystem of the area. We work on the problem as we think we are the party concerned ourselves, living in a developed, consuming country.

Solution Summary: What is the proposed solution? What do you see as its most promising aspects for creating shared value?

We buy a majority of the Amazon agroforestry fruits, that is, those produced by an agricultural system helpful for conservation of forests through great biodiversity, by way of Agricultural Cooperative, which buys out the crops produced by the members. As manufacturer we are responsible to create a market for amazon fruits in Japan. According to our model, if we win the hearts of the consumers with our products, they should want to buy more food produced by good agriculture, companies have to sell good food produced by good agriculture. Local people tend to adopt agroforestry as more effective means of living. It results in the multi-win-win society where consumers enjoy good food and good health, local people enjoy higher standard of living, and we have profits from fair sales. It leads to conservation of environment, which should be one of the amazing gifts for our children and descendents all over the world. Our multi-win-win system keeps on circutating in Brazil and Japan.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Specify both the social and the environmental impact of your work

The impacts are: 1)through our initiative we expand the area of 5000ha to 20000ha, 2)the standard of living of the local people has been raised and the number of local people who are engaged in agroforestry has been increased, 3)the carbon dioxide has been reduced: according to our data, 7000ha of agroforestory area means 53000t of CO2 per year has been absorbed and stored in the trees, and 4)in Japan our success raise social concern for environment both in business and in consumers. For example bigger companies are ready to adopt agroforestry materials in their own industries. Consumers come to understand we are responsible for the environmental crisis in Amazon. In addition, Japanese people become more concerned about how the raw materials are supplied. It is needless to say the new market of acai, one of the most popular Amazon fruits, emerged as promising items for market.

Financial sustainability plan: How is this initiative financially supported? How will you ensure its financial sustainability long-term?

For the most part, our business is supported by our sales. As manufacturer, we provide our customers with highest quality product with added value, using Amazon fruits as main ingredients. To create a new market of "unknown fruits" we have been focusing on promotion, including award events and demonstration at Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo. As a result, the Amazon fruits are now popular among Japanese people, especially women who are concerned with their health and beauty.

Unique value proposition: What makes your initiative innovative? How does your project differ from other organizations working in the same field?

We solve global environmental problem at the present time with traditional Japanese system of business, multi-win-win relationship with result of compatibility of ecology and economy. We share the worldview with the immigrants who devised agroforestry in Amazon that we live under the protection of, in harmony with, nature with our own industry. We connects their ecological approach with current market. We base our business on our equal relationships with locals in Brazil and consumers in Tokyo.

Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that sparked the beginning of this initiative.

20 years ago, he arrived at Amazon with worries that economy only led to destruction of nature. As far as he saw, there was only ruined land without trees or plants. He was shocked to doubt if development proved to be beneficial for locals. In Tomé-açu, he happened to know the miraculous method of agroforestry, when he was so impressed that he thought it a solution to his agony. With agroforestry, we could restore green and forests gradually—while we provide them with economic benefits to let them live on themselves. It took time to make relationship of trust with local people. Gradually some people began to speak to him.We talked about the crops. They talked about their unfortunate history of their parents coming from Japan who struggled to live in the wasteland and devised the agroforestry. We decide we would make the ftuits of their parents’ efforts maximize on a global scale.

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Photo of Rachel Biderman

Important initiative to promote sustainable livelihoods

Photo of Ramy Elmery

You said “He” arrived at Amazon!? Who is he? Some parts are not really clear to me .... also you said We Did the same thing in Japan? We as in a company/Manufacturing?

Photo of Jerry

exactly my point Ramy Elmery, who is he?

Photo of 淑美 相島

Thank you for your questions. "He" is our present, and "we" means different people in different context: our team/ company in Japan, or Japanese in general.

Photo of Jerry

what you should have done was to put the meaning in bracket and place it in front, because your work will be viewed by different people from different countries with different language meanings...

But your work was nice, it just the language interpretation problem

Photo of 淑美 相島

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I understand I should have been more careful in explaining our project... In fact I have found now how difficult it is to write concise and clear paragraphs.
And thank you for your kind comment!

Photo of Ramy Elmery

Wish you Good Luck Dear. I feel you, especially the space is limited and you have to squeeze everything in without losing the meaning.

Photo of 淑美 相島

Thank you again for your understanding!   Yes, it was very difficult especially when we had much to say. 

Photo of Ramy Elmery

We Live, we learn and we get well prepared for the next opportunity. It’s not over until you see it through and winning. Don’t give up! this experience was meant to get you ready for the future that is waiting for you.

Photo of 淑美 相島

Yes, any experience gives us a good learning and insight. In terms of challenge, there is no failure, I think. And I am so happy to share you the goal and vision of our project on the web.