Improving soil structure, reforestation, economic growth, ground water sources, animal habitats and reducing of the global warming.

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Preferred language

  • English

Organization name

Karangtaruna Desa Pananjung

Year founded


Initiative stage

  • Start-Up (a pilot that has just started operating)

Annual budget in 2017 (USD)

  • $1k - $10k

Number of beneficiaries impacted so far

  • 1,000 - 5,000

Organization type

  • Social enterprise

Secondary Focus Area

  • Water
  • Rural development
  • Nutrition

Headquarters location: Country

  • Indonesia

Headquarters location: City

Kampung Tegal Jambu, Kelurahan Pananjung, Kecamatan Tarogong Kaler, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Location(s) of impact

Country 1: City Garut Country 2: City Bandung

Problem: What problem is this initiative trying to address?

The land on Guntur Mount about 70% barren and overgrown with weeds. The temperature was getting hotter. In the long dry season, there is a fire, even some water wells as a source of clean water until the river water flow becomes dry at all. So too many people around just become farm laborers and do not have a permanent job.

Solution Summary: What is the proposed solution? What do you see as its most promising aspects for creating shared value?

With this program even though the new results will be felt 5-7 years ahead but will provide sustainable results. The planting of bamboo with thick leaves and strong fiber roots is able to save 85% of the rainwater so that it can naturally improve the soil structure into fertile. At the age of 6 years between bamboo plants that are 8 m distance, can be planted with hard plants or fruits so that more useful for other animals. A bamboo can produce 3.2kg of oxygen that can meet the needs of two people breathing for 1-2 days. A bamboo have price 10-30 thousand and to increase the selling value of bamboo can be processed into other products such as crafts, furniture, houses, musical instruments, activated charcoal etc. which of course has a high economic value so that it is beneficial to the income of the community and shareholders.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Specify both the social and the environmental impact of your work

This program has been submitted to the village government and community leaders. They approve and support this program, even the 5Ha village-owned land is offered for use. However, this program costs 50 million per Ha in the first year and 25 million per Ha in 2-7 years. So for 7 years needed funds 200 million per Ha or IDR 2,381,000 per month per Ha. 1 Ha of land can be planted 1,250-1,600 bamboo trees. In 5-7 years to 1250-1600 bamboo will be come to bamboo clumps and each clump will produce 200 bamboo shoots per year. You can imagine how much bamboo and oxygen produced. How much groundwater reserves add up to life. How many results and job opportunities that can be obtained especially with larger land area. So the benefits gained far greater than the cost incurred. And this programe can be applied at any where in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia, Australia, Africa and America. With the implementation of this program can make better and wonderful our lives.

Financial sustainability plan: How is this initiative financially supported? How will you ensure its financial sustainability long-term?

For this present we do not have the capital to run this program but if we get capital to make runing this programe, in the next 8 years, we have been able to finance itself from the sale of bamboo, to increase the value of bamboo we have to make other products that have higher economic value and for this goal we need investment capital to purchase production equipment, like machine production, such as to make activated charcoal, chopsticks, toothpicks, skewers etc.

Unique value proposition: What makes your initiative innovative? How does your project differ from other organizations working in the same field?

Because in Indonesia there is no program like this, it is proven still many mountainous areas like in our village (see in the pictur), hills, forestry that is still barren and only overgrown with weeds and very less benefit for human life.

Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that sparked the beginning of this initiative.

At the time I was opening the LinkedIn app there was information about one of the Nestle programs, and I immediately signed in and input the proposal of this program through my mobile phone. Five times I re-input because the network is not stable and my mobile phone stopped suddenly. Finally, every time I answer my question immediately save and sometimes I have not finished any answer first save. Thanks to god is done finaly.

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Photo of Samir Vinchurkar

Wonderful insight for sustainable farming and more importantly reducing green house gases and mitigating climate change.

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thanks to his comments, research on bamboo already exists has not been up to the detail of the ability to neutralize the contamination of existing water. but our reality proves that the water is healthy and worth drinking. We need investor for this program. Do you have any investor for this ?

Photo of Ivan Alexis Rangel Godoy

expand the information in reference to tolerance levels of the bamboo in the tropics, likewise removal of contaminants in the water. Thank you

Photo of misolo sakala

Eko Rakhmat great idea indeed, I am informed that the shoots are also used as food in some countries.