Victoria Park Food Forest

Using the applied model previously employed successfully in Seattle, wa, I propose a sustainable food forest to be established.

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I confirm that I am fully aware of the eligibility criteria, and based on its description, I am eligible to apply to the CSV Prize 2017.

  • Yes, I'm eligible

Preferred language

  • English

Organization name

Equals Inc

Year founded


Initiative stage

  • Start-Up (a pilot that has just started operating)

Annual budget in 2017 (USD)

  • $1mil - $5mil

Number of beneficiaries impacted so far

  • More than 100,000

Organization type

  • Nonprofit, NGO, or citizen sector

Secondary Focus Area

  • Rural development

Headquarters location: Country

  • Canada

Headquarters location: City


Location(s) of impact

Toronto Ontario, every Canadian province and additional country that wishes to participate.


Problem: What problem is this initiative trying to address?

Addressing rural development and employment, also nutritional focus on access to accessible organic food and a unique model for today's climate needs and concerns.

Solution Summary: What is the proposed solution? What do you see as its most promising aspects for creating shared value?

Toronto and the world need earth conscious initiatives to invest in, to develop awareness of reforestation, natural farming and growth, and access to natural organic food for dis

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Specify both the social and the environmental impact of your work

The social and environmental impacts are immeasurable. Mother earth needs all hands on deck in natural grassroots movements right now. There's no time to waste. Planting is THE number one priority for the sake and health of all and the future.

Financial sustainability plan: How is this initiative financially supported? How will you ensure its financial sustainability long-term?

This grant is needed to create sustainable solutions to our immediate climate concerns, and needed to address nutritional deficiencies in all of society especially by the economically disadvantaged and all who need to eat real natural food grown from protected land.

Unique value proposition: What makes your initiative innovative? How does your project differ from other organizations working in the same field?

I've only seen it done once, successfully, and it is innovative because it has not been done here.

Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that sparked the beginning of this initiative.

I always thought a food forest was a brilliant idea and so very necessary in every city worldwide. I would be privileged to implement this idea and start an ecological movement.

Where did you hear about the Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize?

  • Participated in previous CSV Prize competitions


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