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WALLISDECOR Empowerment Innovation for women and drop out girls for gender equality in human development

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  • English

Organization name


Year founded


Initiative stage

  • Growth (the pilot has already launched and is starting to expand)

Annual budget in 2017 (USD)

  • $50k - $100k

Number of beneficiaries impacted so far

  • 1,000 - 5,000

Organization type

  • Social enterprise

Secondary Focus Area

  • Water
  • Rural development

Headquarters location: Country

  • Nigeria

Headquarters location: City


Location(s) of impact

City a.mushin Cityb.ado ota

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Problem: What problem is this initiative trying to address?

Women are also clearly under-represented (even absent) in formal negotiation, whether as local participants representing warring factions or as representatives of international authorities overseeing or mediating deliberations and institutions invited to the negotiating table. Even if women leaders and organizations are active in track two mechanisms and civil society forums, these mechanisms do not necessarily found their way into the formal pea

Solution Summary: What is the proposed solution? What do you see as its most promising aspects for creating shared value?

The concept will been woman’s economic empowerment for design and monitoring frameworks that will allow international development community to setter explore their potentials as a vehicle for gender equality and measure the business impact of this effort, work in support of women’s economic empowerment in the informal economy is urgent, but the challenge funds seek primarily to engage the formal economy. A focus on woman development empowerment appears to have led to improved business outcomes for the youths, because woman empowerment means ensuring women hence the opportunity to participate in contribute to and benefit from growth, as well as negotiate respectful treatment higher female income and bargaining power also tend to catalyze improved outcomes in children’s education, health and nutrition, which lead to poverty education in the long term, the UN has noted a

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Specify both the social and the environmental impact of your work

GOAL: Our goals is to empower about 2000 women’s and youth in different vocational training and small scales startup. At 6 months we empower 500 pilot of business innovation by 1year we empower 1000 pilot and by 2years over 2000 pilot will be establish: 1. Marketing business challenge to women’s business groups and associations 2. Targeting industries with gender opportunities to enhance pro-poor outcomes 3. Prompting for consideration of the impact on women in the proposal process 4. Inclusion of gender expertise in relevant position 5. Targeting gender equality during implement

Unique value proposition: What makes your initiative innovative? How does your project differ from other organizations working in the same field?


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its to support women and the youth in political,social and economical value

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