FOUNDER,A TRANSGENDER LED ONDEDE ORGANISATION. Emphasis to converge for LGBTIQ human rights with social movements for gender just

Policy maker, ground level activism,Larger social change through campaigns to implement Transgender & Sexuality Verdicts of Supreme court

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ON 20TH NOVEMBER 2014. Ondede is a Kannada word for convergence. Recognizing and acknowledging that are existing movements like child rights, women’s rights, sexual minority rights, other vulnerable sections and various community media platforms , Ondede endeavors to link these different groups through areas of dialogue, research and action on dignity-voice – sexuality. Ensure that the state shall be responsible in upholding the rights of the most marginalized communities through advocacy

Focus areas

  • Financial skills and capability
  • Reskilling and upskilling the workforce

Project Stage

  • Growth (have moved past the very first activities; working towards the next level of expansion)
  • Established (successfully passed early phases, have a plan for the future)
  • Scaling (expanding impact to many new places or in many new ways) 

Yearly Budget: How much capital do you need to accomplish your proposed project?

  • $100k - $250k

Organisation Type

  • Non-profit / NGO

1. Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this to succeed

As mentioned earlier that Ondede is very unique to bring the perspective as Transgender Led to converge to establish linkages between different social movements in three inter-connected areas • To provide platform for people and movements to come together to interact and dialogue • To increase evidence based advocacy in policy and practice and creation of a knowledge hub Partnerships with community based organizations, social movements and other individuals – by building contacts, linkages and solidarity • Engagement with the state and other actors • Amplifying voices through use of community media • Conduct research, documentation and campaigns

2. The problem: What problem surrounding employability or financial capability are you helping to solve?

For a period of two years, we were supported by grants through Grama Vikas & the report of our work is attached herewith. As you can see from the report, our work and reach increased at a very fast rate and the handful of us that worked in ONDEDE could not cope with the demand with limited resources of people and funds. When more than five staff members left the organisation to find other jobs, we could not show the same volume of work to reach

3. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

We decided that we could not close the organisation which had gained so much positive visibility in public/ civil society and Government circles. We set out to reconstruct the structure of the organisation afresh, involving community organisations from across the state of sexual minorities such as LGBTIQ+++ We have a board of trustees today consisting entirely of committed sexual minority activists and leaders in their fields. We also have an advisory group of feminist/ academic/ legal and IT professionals who are helping us rebuild the organisation and take it to greater prominence. Along with this we have committed human rights activists, civil society movement, friends and families of LGBTIQ community members, social, visual and print media

4. How are you innovating or using unique approaches to solving the problem?

Ondede has had its internal organisational changes from its board to advisors to program staffing to geographical areas, to be much more focus with committed people to work for the cause of convergence through an undergoing Organisational development process experts. To ensure that the specific programs shall nurture the organisatios values in focusing on, 1)Round Table conference on Inclusive in Educational system 2) Jogappa community to empower to access social spaces, culture and tradition 3) Analysis on Kerala State Policy and outreach work 4) implementation mechanism on TG bill, srs, state policy implementation mechanism and Networking, Knowledge Hub of LGBTIQ Social Innovation in the state of Karnataka and few parts in India

5. Employability: how is your organization or project teaching people to develop the skills that they need to survive in the future job market?

Through providing basic education and building capacity such as spoken English, computer training, financial accountability, leadership, governance. Few staffs who has left the Organisation had carried multiple skills and are capable working in Corporate, IT companies, Department of Statistics, NGO's etc. Sometimes it mismatches from the background that the LGBTIQ Community and the the required companies lack of understanding the issues, struggles and challenges of the community. As an organisation we are here to create awareness and educate larger society for longer sustainability

5a. Please describe which future-oriented skills your organization is focused on fostering and how you have measured / plan to measure progress

with a greater vision, As part of these efforts one of the member of Ondede Akkai Padmashali has also challenged the validity of 377 of the Indian Penal Code in the Supreme Court that led to the path breaking judgement in September 2018 when it was ruled that Section 377 was unconstitutional "in so far as it criminalizes consensual sexual conduct between adults of the diverse gender and sexualities ." The current transgender bill of 2019 which has curb the fundamental rights to decide the self identification. The progress is met at a level of like minded people and groups support the need

6. Financial capability: how is your organization or project creating innovative solutions that arm people with ability to optimize their current and future financial health

As a non government organisation, depending on local and national and international funding to execute programs relate to the organisation vision, it will be challenging in finding donors who are willing to support the cause that match our existence and nature of work to stabilize consistency in managing financially

6a. Please describe what aspect of financial capability your organization is focused on fostering and how you have measured / plan to measure progress.

Through an organisation like Grama Vikas which has supported in the past to be skilled and capacitated enough in fostering our programs which are key specific in implementation mechanism, ground level advocacy. We shall be planned and measure by the experts from the Board of Trustees and auditors

7. Marketplace: Who else is addressing the same problem? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Ondede is a working class human rights organization which works on the issues of Dignity, Voice and Sexuality of gender non-confirming, transgender and sexual minorities across Karnataka. Ondede’s focus areas emphasize on the issues of Domestic violence, Sexual violence, Rights of Transgender and Rights of Sexual Minorities and Gender nonconforming people. Ondede’s vision is "Towards a gender just plural and inclusive world that upholds dignity of all" and definition of Ondede sees it from the lens of convergence with working across movements to build long support and solidarity

8. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

One of the initiatives is the organisation called Ondede (meaning Convergence in Kannada) that founded in 2014. It was envisioned as a platform that would bring convergence between three major movements of child rights, women's rights and the rights of sexual minorities on issues related to sexual violence, domestic violence, rights of sexuality and Transgender community. By focussing on the working class and non English speaking transgender and sexual minorities it seeks to bring/create awareness on politics of gender and sexuality through public discourse, research and advocacy at the policy level and with constitutional authorities. The last three years, Grama Vikas Ondede has been in the forefront of advocating on issues impacting sexual minorities such as Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, 36A Police Act, Karnataka State Transgender Policy, Transgender Persons

9. Financial Sustainability Plan. Can you tell us about you plan to fund your project and how that plan will be sustainable in the short, medium, and long term?

Considering that Ondede is a unique organisation of LGBTIQ that centers convergence of social concerns of movements of women, children and socially marginalized communities articulation from the perspectives of sexual minorities along with development of socio-economic status of the communities it works with, we have a goodwill capital that we will use for immediate sustenance. With hard work and resurgence in the next two years we will approach our earlier fund granters, who we are confident, will support us. We are also approaching new avenues for raising funds such as: a) New grants b) Conducting paid Training workshops on sexuality and realities of sexual minorities c) Writings in media and providing resource for researchers for LG

10. Team

The organisations history and culture shall respect the ability of the working class non english background and ensurers that from the background of socio-economic-political-cultural backwardness currently the team consists of Executive Director- 10TH GRADE ADMINISTRATOR AND FINANCE - PROGRAM ADVOCATE - 2 10TH GRADE FIELD COORDINATORS - 4 COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVE office assistant instrumentalist 15 volunteers

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Ondede'S Founder Akkai Padmashali has also challenged the validity of 377 of the Indian Penal Code in the Supreme Court that led to the path breaking judgement in September 2018 when it was ruled that Section 377 was unconstitutional "in so far as it criminalises consensual sexual conduct between adults of the diverse gender and sexualities ." The current transgender bill of 2019 which has curb the fundamental rights to decide the self identification. This indicates how the entire community was

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