Future Skills Innovation Challenge

We are curious about which proposals are the best fit for this Challenge according to our 'How Might We' and Challenge Brief.

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Futher Communications
Everytale - Online education platform

We develop an online education platform that will allow millions of people from disadvantaged groups to access education.

WOMG is a video game where children develop coding and computational thinking skills while accomplishing missions in a world of adventures.

Millions of children learning coding anytime and anywhere, not limited by the lack of resources in schools in emerging countries.

Women Empowerment

Being a women right's activist, I fight for "Women Empowerment" and amplifying women workers’ voices for decent working conditions.

Empowering Educated Rural Women

We are empowering underprivileged rural women (girls) to build their capacities and transform rural education through Girl Empowerment Clubs

Ruang Digital. Vocational for digital - online based

Upskill reskill digital talents in Indonesia; facing Industry 4.0 and bonus demography

Equipping vulnerable youth today with skills and knowledge needed for tomorrow employments

Give an opportunity for better jobs to vulnerable youth, enhancing their skills and promoting success in Vocational Training.

Building System Capacity - Green Economies

By valorizing waste, we create circular green skills that generate jobs & provide new skills while saving the planet from waste overload.


Changing the course of life of young people through 21st century skills

Mujeres en Carrera

Online platform for the financial inclusion and education of girls and women

Indic AI Foundation for social good

Using Artificial Intelligence for accessible education of differently abled for employment in public and private sector.

Emergent Business and Coding Academy (Ladies in Tech)

We empower youth with 21st century skills and create meaningful opportunities to enable them to become active citizens

33-6-3: A Holistic Model Using Social Enterprises to Up-Skill Low-Income Workers

33-6-3 each week for enterprise employees: 33 hours of paid work, 6 hours of higher education, 3 hours of personal development


We equip Persons with Disability with mindset and digital skills to become competitive employees and entrepreneurs through virtual learning

Project Vidhi --Skill Development and Employment For Persons With Disabilities

Creating sustainable opportunities for employment and empowerment of the PWD .Our People are chosen for their skill and not out of sympathy

Wandering Challenge: Inspiring youth toward a path of passion, purpose and persistent actions.

At City Wanderer, we guide young people to develop the inner spark in their eyes and cultivate skills to pursue their dreams.

Bridge for Billions; democratizing access to entrepreneurship and innovation education to create the jobs of the future.

We support entrepreneurs globally with innovation-based entrepreneurship training and mentoring via our online/hybrid incubation programs.

Developing market access and data solutions for smallholder agriculture in Mexico

Nuup develops market access and data solutions for smallholder farmers, leveraging technology and working in partnership across value chains

Leadership, Financial literacy and Social entrepreneurship program for migrant Filipinos

Empowerment of Filipino migrants and their families on leadership, financial literacy and social entrepreneurship


We are providing free-of-charge tech education for youth to upskill themselves and find decent employment in changing economy.

Migrant Business School in Taiwan

We are committed to Southeast Asian migrant workers' empowerment and skill training during their time in Taiwan to alleviate poverty cycle.

Comunidad 4UNO

The first affordable financial platform that connects low income workers and their families to financial institutions and their products.

Kampung Marketer

We train & empower rural youth to be able to master skills in marketing & online sales with the aim of reducing unemployment in the village

Developing the human potential of our young generation with creativity, confidence, altruism, and civic engagement skills: BE FUTURE READY.

A journey of progressive series of activities and experiences to help youth become socially, morally, emotionally and cognitively competent.

Making 'BrightHub' A Reality for Youth Workers in the FTZ

Transforming youth workers who go back to their hometown from the FTZ due to hardships into skilled and empowered individuals.

Training Workshops Unlimited (TWU) skills training and career pathway for persons with intellectual disability

TWU equips more than 600 persons with intellectual disability with vital skills for socio-economic inclusion, resilience and independence.

Crowdfunding employment training for the homeless

Beam is a social enterprise that crowdfunds job training for homeless people, and supports them into stable, paid work.

Accelerate the Economic Inclusion of graduates from underprivileged territories / social background

Increase the employability of underprivileged graduates, acting upstream their graduation to prevent unemployment and deskilling risks

Umuzi - launching high-potential young people into 4IR careers

Umuzi gives high-potential young people from vulnerable communities hard & soft skills to pursue high-value digital careers in the 4IR.

Building the talent pipeline for future generation of girls leaders in technology

We reduce the gender gap in the tech-environments, breaking stereotypes and putting young women in touch with technology in a novel way.

SeniorPro - Baby Boomers and the Technological Revolution

people 60+ want, need and can continue working, so it is necessary to connect them with different opportunities and training.

Expanding Financial Empowerment Resources through MyMAF’s Digital Tools

The MyMAF app is a pocket-size financial coach, giving America’s working poor families digital tools to build financial security.

MTA WORLD (Mondragon Team Academy). Creating a new generation of global young team-entrepreneurs through LEINN International Degree

MTA is an international community of young changemaker team-entrepreneurs who implement the LEINN international education model.


Educational videogames to transform education.

FiLi, a financial literacy program for youth in Latin America.

FiLi aims to help young people acquire basic financial knowledge and soft skills to improve financial inclusion and increase resiliency

Empowering sexual violence survivors through innovative skills-training to achieve employability and become champions of our generation.

Connecting young professionals via a unique employee engagement program to upskill survivors of sexual violence in India.

The empowering mindset : developing soft skills to navigate through a changing job market

Creating empowering communities of unemployed people to develop soft skills through lifelong learning and peer support


Konexio trains vulnerable groups (refugees, disadvantaged youth) in digital skills to promote skills development and access to employment.

Social Hackers Academy : Changing refugees' lives with tech education

Teaching coding as a way to integrate in Greek Society !

A Digital Platform to Enhance an Equitable Marketplace

Vulnerable artisans learn to connect with enterprises for fair commercial transactions that increase their income and improve their lives.

SheWorks! Academy

SheWorks! is disrupting gender unemployment by connecting the dots between talent, online education, and remote jobs to empower women.

YES: Young Empowered Startuppers

Accessible youth entrepreneurship edutech program empowering pre-adults to be collaborative creators of financially-sustainable ventures.

A Financial Cushion for Every Worker

What the 401k is for retirement savings, Onward's mobile savings and credit app is for emergency savings


Enabling Greek youth to trailblaze the new skills economy and dream of a better future.


Quipu is a digital marketplace like eBay or Alibaba, but for unbanked micro-businesses at the bottom of the pyramid.

Code Nation: The Next Generation of Tech Leaders

We equip students in under-resourced high schools with the skills, experiences, and connections that create access to careers in technology.

Wanji: Gamified job training and skills building at the last mile

Wanji uses interactive learning to provide access to training opportunities to geographically remote audiences using mobile phones.

Coding in Schools

We bring Coding & Robotics to learners who need employable skills most

e-Mfundi skills of the future.

e-Mfundi is a 'future-fitness' company and we change mindsets through our flagship product, The Drone Immersion. We use drones as a learning