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Initiative's representative name

Lara Pizarro

Initiative's representative date of birth


Initiative’s representative gender

  • Woman

Which eligible market are you based in?

  • Argentina

Where are you making a difference?


Website or social media url(s)


When was your organisation founded?


Focus areas

  • Reskilling and upskilling the workforce
  • Creating digital tools

Project Stage

  • Start-Up (first few activities have happened)
  • Growth (have moved past the very first activities; working towards the next level of expansion)

Yearly Budget: How much capital do you need to accomplish your proposed project?

  • $10k - $50k

Organisation Type

  • For-profit

1. Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this to succeed

While I grow up my parents taught me to love science as if it were magic, the real version of what was happening in Harry Potter movies. But when I start going to school It didn't feel that way. Learning was repeating, and curiosity and wonder became boredom. “Sentence served”This was the slogan me and my classmates choose when we finished high school. It was terrible, but when I had almost lost hope, I met two students who, like me, did not understand how learning in school seemed so boring and so disconnected from our daily lives. Together, we could not stand idly by. We decided to take action so we created HEXAR.Created by a team of high school students, Hexar focuses on changing educational experiences for their mates through videogames

2. The problem: What problem surrounding employability or financial capability are you helping to solve?

In a world where the demand for technical knowledge is increasing, unemployment will increase while we won't be able to cover the necessary jobs due to lack of good training: - 54% of employees will require reskilling y upskilling (WEF 2017) - 75% of educators do not feel qualified to teach the skills that the future of work requires. (PISA 2018) - Students in developing countries do not reach minimum levels of scientific literacy. (PISA 2018)

3. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

In Hexar we aim to solve the educational challenges of our society. We work to bring soft skills and scientific knowledge closer to the ones who really need it: Young people entering the job market. We provide educational video games (multiplayer and with no need of internet) to teach knowledge that is relevant to the whole society, in a meaningful way for students. HEXAR substitute poor competitive gamification that don’t attract students with real cooperative video games. We provide lesson quality, student engagement, time-saving automation and resources, and data drive report, insights and decisions. We has been the first company to co-build with the Argentinian Ministry of Education a public experience of digital gamification, accessible to all 50000 schools in Argentina and available to all 9 million students. Our videogames are powerful tools for scientific literacy, mixing curricular content , soft skills and evaluation systems that allow teachers and governments to create concrete plans to improve learning outcomes. All of this in a meaningful and enjoyable format for students. An what’s more: video games can be used all around the world!

4. How are you innovating or using unique approaches to solving the problem?

Young people are digital natives and we decided to connect with them through that digitality. Teaching through mobile phone video games is to bring youth passions to the school, and it also means to bring the school to their pocket. Last month we saw something fantastic happening: Shortly after starting to play, the students who were learning quadratic functions with our game "functional pirates" explained each other how each parameter of a quadratic functions worked so that others can win too. They asked their teacher to stay playing instead of going to recess and the teacher was able to measure how the class learned through the metrics platform.

5. Employability: how is your organization or project teaching people to develop the skills that they need to survive in the future job market?

We design educational video games to provide technological and scientific knowledge, and the socio-emotional and cognitive skills (recognized by the OECD) that companies are looking for. To prepare their team for a VUCA World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) companies focus on hiring leaders that already have the necessary soft skills, that many times are harder to teach that technical knowledge. In Hexar we help youth develop this skills essential for life and work in the 21st century, helping them to be tomorrow leaders and changemakes. Video Games provide a fun and engaging learning experience, offer a safe environment to learn from your mistakes, stimulate knowledge appropriation, transform problems into challenges, increase proactivity and resilience, encourage creativity and curiosity, improving communication and cooperation. (Study Universidad Técnica Valpariso)

5a. Please describe which future-oriented skills your organization is focused on fostering and how you have measured / plan to measure progress

Our holistic approach integrates curricular/technical content and skill. Students incorporate skills as computational thinking, critical thinking, learning to learn and problem-solving in challenging but safe environments. Our thematic universe interconnect learning units through character and situations allowing us to work from the points of view of different antagonistic characters with a strong focus on empathy, emotional intelligence, relationship building and growth mindset. We measure the development of skills using our performance platform and rubrics based on observation in class.

6. Financial capability: how is your organization or project creating innovative solutions that arm people with ability to optimize their current and future financial health

Last year we get to know about the high percentage of financial Illiteracy in Latin America (70%, according to OECD reports). To reduce these numbers we start to design an educational video game on financial education that will be included on our platform and that allow people to gain knowledge on financial systems and basic bank information, interacting with its services. The ultimate goal is to offer financial education within a gamified environment. The video game allow users to play on real day-to-day scenarios linked to financial products. Playing on an attractive and controlled environment, they learn from their mistakes avoiding making them in the real financial world. We educate people financially through a free, fun and accessible serious game for everyone, under OECD metrics. We provide knowledge and reduce distrust towards the financial system.

6a. Please describe what aspect of financial capability your organization is focused on fostering and how you have measured / plan to measure progress.

A person is considered “financial illiterate” when they do not know at least one of the following items: interest rate, risk, profitability and inflation. On the first game level users learn about the bank, its services and product. They interact with debit and credit cards, a bank account, bank statements, ATMs and Online banking. Progressively we introduce topics as interest rate, risk, profitability and inflation. We focus on generating a healthy relationship with money. We educate more conscious consumers that approach money with a growth mindset, as a tool to fulfill their life-project.

7. Marketplace: Who else is addressing the same problem? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Competitors: Stile, Edmentum, Edgenuity, Alexia. Differential: We substitute interactive content/competitive gamification that don’t (really) attract students with real cooperative video games. We focus on STEAM and skills, required for the future of work. We are validated in the market by big shots (Argentinian Ministry of Education, Unesco). We combine game-based learning with offline playability and innovative learning frameworks. We are the first game-based learning platform to target Latam high schools. We innovate with AR, VR and Robotics.

8. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

In just 3 months since launching so far 150 students enjoyed our game-based learning experience through our free app “Playing with science”. This year we plan to reach 300 teachers and 5000 students through our teacher training programme. We designed interactive workshops, specific user manuals and learning guides.We evaluate our impact with surveys after each training and through online follow up to teachers. We measure the development of skills using metrics in each videogame compiled by our performance platform, and for those skills that cannot be measured in this way, we use specific rubrics based on observation in the classroom. The spread of the COVID19 is causing unprecedented disruption for students, that’s why we develop a videogame on healthy habits to prevent the virus, and will make available during 2020 free educational video games to support schools and gain positioning.

9. Financial Sustainability Plan. Can you tell us about you plan to fund your project and how that plan will be sustainable in the short, medium, and long term?

Short:We sell on demand video games to governments, corporations CSRs and IIOO. Medium:We launch our educational platform with a subscription model: Schools will pay USD 3,00 per student. Schools will start with a 2month free trial, then they will buy an early adopter pack of 30 subscriptions to try the platform for the whole year in one class Long: after a good experience schools will pay one subscription per student. As subscriptions increase, the amount of on demand videogames we will provide to external clients will decrease until we reach the platform breakeven on 2023 with 4000 subscribers/20 schools TAM-All privates high schools: 321848 SAM-Latam private high schools: 24849 SOM-1%of SAM: 248 Market Value x month:USD 364532

10. Team

Lara Pizarro: CEO and educational coordinator. Shanick Cuello: CTO, game designer and programmer. Constanza Criado: CMO and PR. Responsible for sales strategy and marketing. A great operation team: 2 programmers, 3 graphic designers, 2 teachers, 1 Community Manager. And a team of advisors in education, sales, and videogames. Agustín Batto: Eidos Global CEO & Founder. Ron Engelberg: Ada IT Vicepresident. Martín Spinetto: Widow Games CEO & Founder

Help Us Support Diversity! Are you a member of an under-served , under-represented, or marginalized group in your country of residence? (yes/no) (this question is optional – if you choose to fill it out, the response will not be shared with your fellow contestants)

  • Gender

How did you hear about this challenge?

  • Recommended by others

11. Bring it to life: Please walk us through a concrete example of how your solution will solve the problem you’re trying to address

Students see learning as boring and useless. They copy what the teacher tells, do repetitive exercises and complete exams. Teachers struggle to engage them, only measuring learning at the end with an exam. Hexar revolutionize the learning experience. The teacher access Hexar platform, creates a teacher account and her first class. She add students in the class and assign videogames to their students. Students receives a notification with the assignment, the skills they will train, and the video games they will play. In class, she explains the topic, students open HEXAR mobile application, access the video game and learn by playing. The teacher access the class panel to see performance of each student and the whole class. She can put together her own learning questionnaires, send messages to her students and reports to parents. Now teachers do feel valued and students feel engaged.

12. Skills Matching: HSBC Employees will have the opportunity to offer skilled-volunteering. If matched, which of the following skills would you be most interested in receiving?

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Monitoring Impact
  • Project Management
  • Program Design
  • Research
  • Legal Services
  • Board Development
  • Staff Development
  • Marketing Strategy, Design
  • Brand Development
  • Multimedia
  • IT Infrastructure/CRM
  • Web/Mobile Development

13. Financial Sustainability – funding breakdown: please list a quick breakdown of your funding, indicating an estimated percentage that comes from each source.

Corporate contributions  10%

Grants or contracts 46%

Earned income (product or services sales, licensing, franchising, consulting, financing, etc.) 31%

Team investment 13%

Earned income is divided into the following categories:

- On demand videogames for shool classrooms: 47%

- Gamified corporation trainning: 44%

- Teacher trainning: 7%

14. Financial Sustainability – please tell us more about how you plan to fund and scale your project over the next 12 months.

We will continue to sell on demand video games while at the same time developing our platform. Funding: 40% from sales of on demand videogames. 60% through non-reembolsable contributions, seed capital, grants and investors. 89% Product development Platform development 23%. Video Games development 66%. (Distributed: Game design 10%. Programming 52%. Graphic design 16%. Testing 10%. Project Management 12%.) 5% Sales, Marketing and Communications 6% Support Services (and digital services) With our team + USD 40000 we will develop an online platform and 50 videogames. Upon launch 03/2021 sales budget will increase. Subscription model: Schools will pay USD 3,00 per each students so they can access the platform. As subscriptions to the platform increase, the number of video games on demand will decrease until we reach the platform breakeven on 2023 with 4000 subscribers (20 schools)

15. Growth Strategy: What are your main strategies for scaling your impact?

Develop awareness and brand interest. Deliver distinctive customer experience. Customer acquisition:solid lead generation Funnel and clear and secure ways to subscribe

Short-term Market penetration: Rewards for referrals allow users to get up to 12 months for free. Early press coverage and user satisfaction will lead to positive word-of-mouth. A solid content Marketing strategy to be recognized as a reliable organization

Medium term Foreign Market development

Long term Product line expansions:gamified simulators for university. Subscriptions models for homeschooling and at home school support

16. Activating changemakers: How are you giving people the power to control their own destiny and support other people to become changemakers in their communities?

When youth spend 15 years in classrooms with little room for play and creativity the spark in their eyes is lost. Every youth can be a changemaker. We believe in education's transformative power and that everyone has the potential to be anything they dream to be. We educate a generation of critical, curious, and proactive citizens eager to improve the world through science.  To activate this potential Hexar help people develop the skills they will need to be the best version of themselves and  to find what they are passionate about and the problems they want to solve. 

17. Awards & Recognitions: What awards or recognitions, if any, has the project received so far?

Incubate Selected among 1500 applicants

Bs As City Government Non-Refundable Contribution

Puig We win corporate mentorship and a Grant

Unesco Panelists on international conferences and as advisors on youth and inequalities

SIW showcased on a platform of global scope supported by G20

Media https://www.lanacion.com.ar/lifestyle/innovadora-tiene-20-anos-creo-plataforma-ensenar-nid2343402

18. Tell us about how collaborations and partnerships would enhance the scalability and impact of your project

We partner with Eidos, Argentinian Ministry of Education and UNESCO to validate our content and foster our impact. To create games we partner with experts: when designing a game to teach statistics and raise awareness on climate change we collaborate with Sustainability without borders. To teach healthy habits to prevent the Covid-19 we collaborate with experts from Conicet and with UNESCO to present it to governments. This allows us to grow our brand through expert validation and publicity.

Finally - Your Selfie Elevator Pitch: Share a 1-minute video that shares a quick summary of the problem you would like to solve, how you’ve chosen to solve it, and the impact you hope to see.

Evaluation results

4 evaluations so far

1. OVERALL Evaluation:

Yes, absolutely! - 25%

Yes/maybe - 50%

Maybe - 25%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

2. Is this entry INNOVATIVE?

Yes, absolutely! - 25%

Yes/maybe - 0%

Maybe - 75%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

3. Does this entry have SOCIAL IMPACT?

Yes, absolutely! - 0%

Yes/maybe - 100%

Maybe - 0%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

4. Is this entry VIABLE financially and operationally?

Yes, absolutely! - 0%

Yes/maybe - 75%

Maybe - 25%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%


Yes, absolutely! - 25%

Yes/maybe - 25%

Maybe - 50%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

6. FEEDBACK: Highlights

IMPACT POTENTIAL: You use specific numbers and evidence to describe what your project has achieved so far (or plan to achieve in the future) – and you have a concrete plan for future impact. You have specific tools for measuring impact. - 100%

QUALITY OF INNOVATION: You have a great understanding of the problem, have researched existing solutions, and have developed unique, thoughtful solutions - 66.7%

FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY: You have given a great deal of thought to not just the idea itself but how to make it work operationally and financially in the present and future; your plan is specific and you value sustainability. - 33.3%

CHANGEMAKING ACTIVATION: You have a good plan on how to activate changemakers and empower them to innovate through your product or programming - 33.3%

Other option - 0%

7. FEEDBACK: Areas for Improvement

IMPACT POTENTIAL: make sure to provide specific instances of your social impact (or how you plan to measure impact) – it may be helpful to describe the beneficiaries, the main activities/products, and provide evidence of (or plan for) impact evaluation - 0%

QUALITY OF INNOVATION: make sure to describe how your solution is unique and innovative – it is helpful to include the research you have done on past solutions and how your solution is different from (and/or builds upon) these. - 100%

FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY: make sure you have provided descriptive information about your financial sustainability plan. Where do the funds come from now and do you have a concrete plan for future sustainability? - 50%

CHANGEMAKING ACTIVATION: make sure you describe your plan for how to empower others to become changemakers through your programming, service, or product - 50%

WRITING STYLE. Try to be concise, descriptive, and specific. Avoid jargon. - 0%

Nothing stands out! I thought it was great. - 100%

Other option - 0%


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