Career Awareness and Readiness (CARES) Online

To aid the Philippines’ job-skills mismatch, CARES Online is a digital tool that helps students explore their education and career paths.

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Initiative's representative name

Pamela Suanco

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September 8, 1995

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  • Woman

Which eligible market are you based in?

  • Philippines

Where are you making a difference?


Website or social media url(s)

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @edukasyonph

When was your organisation founded?

March 2012

Focus areas

  • Reskilling and upskilling the workforce
  • Creating digital tools

Project Stage

  • Scaling (expanding impact to many new places or in many new ways) 

Yearly Budget: How much capital do you need to accomplish your proposed project?

  • $50k - $100k

Organisation Type

  • For-profit

1. Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this to succeed

The Edukasyon story started back in 2012, when founder Henry Motte-Muñoz witnessed his cousin applying for colleges in the Philippines. There was a glaring information asymmetry in terms of school applications, without the aid of centralized information sources to understand how one can pursue higher education, obtain financial aid, and aspire for in-demand professions. Digging deeper, the lack of access to these resources has caused negative outcomes for Filipino youth – a 44% drop-out rate among high schoolers and a whopping 40% unemployment rate among young graduates. Thus, Edukasyon was created to fill this gap and empower the youth towards leading more sustainable careers.

2. The problem: What problem surrounding employability or financial capability are you helping to solve?

In the Philippines, youth unemployment – even among the educated – is at an alarming high due to a nationwide job-skills mismatch. Even before high school, students are led to paths that are out of touch with their personal strengths and industry demand. Without enough licensed counsellors in schools and reliable sources of career advice, there is an urgent need for an accessible, industry-backed resource that leads them to their best future.

3. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

To solve the job-skills mismatch, it is crucial to influence how students decide on careers as early as junior high. To support this milestone at a nationwide scale, Edukasyon developed CARES Online, a digital tool that enables students to explore education and career paths in an easily accessible and personalized platform. Expertly informed by guidance counsellors and industry, CARES is a reliable navigation tool to help students map out their career journey. They begin by logging onto CARES Online through Edukasyon, where they take an initial personality assessment to help them better understand their interests and skills. With multimedia explainers of senior high school tracks, post-secondary pathways, and careers, as well as interactive career readiness worksheets and quizzes, students can discover more about themselves in relation to different fields. To help them explore schools and financing options, they are linked to an array of schools, internship openings, and scholarship opportunities on the Edukasyon platform. Upon completing the CARES journey, students are equipped with the mindset and initial tools to take a bigger role as their own primary career decision-makers.

4. How are you innovating or using unique approaches to solving the problem?

CARES was originally developed as an offline program. In 3 years, we reached over 5,000 students – a significant feat, but a mere fraction of the 12M high school students in the Philippines. Recognizing the inclusivity that digital offers, CARES is adapted into an intuitive online platform, empowering students to jumpstart career awareness no matter where they’re from. As a self-directed tool, CARES puts students on the driver’s seat of their own careers through assessments and interactive worksheets, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and growth mindset in decision-making. Using insights gleaned from gamified tasks, CARES generates recommendations that are relevant to students’ individual needs aligned with local opportunities.

5. Employability: how is your organization or project teaching people to develop the skills that they need to survive in the future job market?

Edukasyon seeks to empower students everyday by being the go-to online portal for all important information regarding education and careers as they discover the right track or course, apply to their dream school, choose the most suitable careers or vocations, increase their skills and employability and ultimately, with key information, map out the path to achieving their dreams. In response to the need for career awareness to combat the job-skills mismatch crisis in the Philippines, CARES Online sharpens this focus by enabling high school students to self-direct their career planning with expert-backed information on senior high school track options, post-secondary exit points (i.e. college, technical-vocational training and employment, entrepreneurship), and work-ready soft-skills such as self-awareness, growth mindset, and career confidence.

5a. Please describe which future-oriented skills your organization is focused on fostering and how you have measured / plan to measure progress

CARES Online fosters self-awareness, active decision-making, and career confidence among Filipino high school students to ensure that students are led towards career readiness and, eventually, employability. Through CARES Online, Edukasyon can measure students’ shift in mindset by collecting baseline and endline data from self-assessments and quizzes. In the wider Edukasyon platform consisting of school pages, scholarship opportunities, and industry linkages, we will gather insights through their searches, activities, reads, and school/scholarship applications.

6. Financial capability: how is your organization or project creating innovative solutions that arm people with ability to optimize their current and future financial health


6a. Please describe what aspect of financial capability your organization is focused on fostering and how you have measured / plan to measure progress.


7. Marketplace: Who else is addressing the same problem? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Internationally, there are similar tech solutions: state-run SkillsFuture Singapore, which links citizens to career information, trainings, and jobs, and Rencanamu Indonesia, a college and career readiness platform. In the Philippines, the Department of Labor & Employment runs JobStart, an on-ground, selective employability program. There is yet to be a nationwide tech solution that reaches millions of students, with assessments and local expert information easily accessed online. CARES fills this gap by scaling up industry linkages online to a wider population, in fun and engaging formats.

8. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

The offline delivery of CARES was first launched in 2016. From its inception until 2019, the program reached over 5,000 students from local Junior and Senior high schools all over the country. The program’s reception from students, school faculty, parents, and partner foundations alike was unanimously positive, impacting the way that students were able to approach career decisions in a changing educational system. Recognizing its impact, while acknowledging that millions of students remain unreached, Edukasyon took the next steps towards bringing CARES online. We started out by partnering with a foundation to create animated videos of the Senior High School tracks and strands, all put up on our official YouTube channel and promoted to Edukasyon’s 10 million users. With a more robust and interactive program in development, we can create a fuller, structured program for our students.

9. Financial Sustainability Plan. Can you tell us about you plan to fund your project and how that plan will be sustainable in the short, medium, and long term?

In the short term, Edukasyon has partnered with a local foundation to fund the development of explainer videos for senior high school tracks and strands. This has enabled us to adapt the content to digital formats. The medium term plan is to raise funding from institutions such as the Ashoka network, as well as Philippine industry leaders, to develop a dedicated learning platform with industry-specific information on local career pathways. In the long-term, we aim to ink official partnerships with the national government and international multilateral organizations to promote CARES Online to millions of students nationwide, strengthening national career guidance and employability programs for both public and private schools.

10. Team

Edukasyon is comprised of 3 teams: Tech, Creatives, and Partnerships, led by full-time professionals. The tech team is dedicated to back and front-end product development, in charge of building the CARES platform. The creatives team, composed of writers and multimedia experts, adapt expert information into engaging content for a Gen Z audience. The partnerships team leads conversations with funding institutions and expert bodies to ensure financial sustainability and industry-led programming.

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If you selected “yes” to any of the categories above, please explain how being a member of this group has impacted you and your work?

Edukasyon is led by Gen Z and millennial early professionals, driven by the mission to bring education opportunities closer to Filipino students. This puts us in the perfect position to influence a younger audience through Gen Z-focused communications and digital-forward solutions. However, we sit in the middle of an ecosystem of traditional institutions – government agencies and international multilaterals – which typically lead nationwide programs as seasoned experts in the education sector.

How did you hear about this challenge?

  • Ashoka page or contact

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6. FEEDBACK: Highlights

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FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY: You have given a great deal of thought to not just the idea itself but how to make it work operationally and financially in the present and future; your plan is specific and you value sustainability. - 0%

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7. FEEDBACK: Areas for Improvement

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FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY: make sure you have provided descriptive information about your financial sustainability plan. Where do the funds come from now and do you have a concrete plan for future sustainability? - 100%

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