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Improving conditions for visually impaired people with guide dogs.

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I confirm that I am fully aware of the eligibility criteria and terms of the Purina BetterwithPets Prize and, based on its description, I am eligible to apply:

  • Yes, I’m eligible
  • Yes, I’m 18 years old or older

Should you be successful, please confirm your availability to attend:

  • Additional Skype interview(s) during the week of March 16-20th 2020
  • The Purina BetterwithPets Forum in Paris, on 3-4th of June 2020

Initiative's representative name

Vyvodnova Arina

Initiative's representative gender

  • Woman

Headquarters location: country

  • Russia

Headquarters location: city

Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg

Where are you making a difference?


Website or social media url(s)

Date Started

01.08.2020 - 01.11.2020

Focus Areas

  • Fostering emotional intelligence and behavioural competences
  • Enhance physical activity and wellness

What is your current yearly budget for the initiative? If you are an idea stage, what early budget you would need to kick-off and run operations in your first year?

  • €10k - €50k

Organisation Type

  • for profit: an organisations whose main goal is to make income through business gains
  • civil society: a community of citizens linked by common interests

1. Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this project to succeed.

One of the reasons for creating the project was a resonant case in the city of Yekaterinburg, when a visually impaired person was repeatedly prevented from entering public transport and forced to pay for a guide dog. This incident showed that citizens are not aware of such rehabilitation facilities and the laws related to them. In public places are often not allowed with dogs guides, kicked out, shouting, not allowed to pass, do not respect. People don't understand the difference between a simple dog and a guide dog.

2. The problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

This project is aimed at informing citizens about the problem of restricting the rights of visually impaired people with guide dogs. Attracting more people to help disabled people with guide dogs.

3. Your solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

Within a month, create a game social video clip, timing up to 90 seconds, to increase the legal culture and awareness of residents of the Sverdlovsk region and other regions about guide dogs. It is thanks to the creation of a video clip that you can quickly and efficiently distribute information and attract more people to solve the problem. Develop a social position for citizens-helping visually impaired people with guide dogs, send a video to organizations that violate the rights of disabled people.

4. Innovation: How are you innovating or using unique approaches to solve the problem?

The video is supposed to use the "live camera" effect. The use of hand-held camera will allow you to achieve the best transmission effect of the picture. The RED camera is supposed to be used for shooting. Visually impaired people with guide dogs will be involved in creating the scenario and expertise. The subject is a shopping center. Shooting will be in warm colors that are pleasant for the viewer. The shooting will be done by a professional film company.

5. How does your project harness the pet-human bond to help people develop important social competencies (For example: emotional intelligence, collaboration, empathy, resilience, inclusivity) and overcome serious societal issues (for example: violence, abuse, trauma, isolation, abandonment)?

Dogs are man's best friends. For the visually impaired, they become part of their lives. Our task is to show how important this connection is. How close a person and a dog are. How hard it is for both a disabled person and a dog if they are not respected, their rights are violated, kicked out and shouted at.

6. Impact: how has your project made a difference so far in terms of both business outputs and social impact? How do you plan on measuring progress?

1 film crew will take part in the shooting. 5 visually impaired people with guide dogs were involved. Coverage - more than 5,000,000 people. The video will be sent to 50 organizations. Distributed on the Internet. Directed to national TV. Profaniruet about people with disabilities in sraniy dogs guides.

7. Growth strategies: what are your main strategies for scaling your impact?

This project is easily replicated. Thanks to the format of the video, it can be sent to different regions and translated into several languages. Send as a presentation video to various forums, seminars, etc. the zoom Format can be completely free.

8. Creating shared value: How does your initiative create value for different stakeholders?

The main value is the development of a civil society in which the visually impaired were given more opportunities, as well as their dogs.

9. Financial sustainability plan: can you tell us about your plan to fund your project and how that plan will be sustainable in the short, medium, and long term?

1 lighting services-General lighting, working with lighting devices 360 € 2 sound engineer Services - sound recording on site, processing and mixing of sound tracks in post production 360 € 3 camera rental + additional equipment - (movie camera), adapters, tripods, filters, etc. 2000 € 4 rental of lighting devices - set of lighting devices 2000 € 5 rent Riga-a device that allows you to shoot with your hands 300€ 6 non-Linear editing-video Assembly 580€ 7 sound engineer Services - creating an Audi design 200 € 8 media promotion Manager services 1 100 € 9 Rotation on the regional channel, for 30 days 1500 € 10 payment for actram - 500 € 11 painting Director Services - 500 €

10. Team: what is the current composition of your team (types of roles, qualifications, full-time vs. part-time, board members, etc.), and how do you plan to evolve the team’s composition as the project grows?

Vyvodova Arina Konstantinovna – performer within the video project. A student of UIU Ranepa faculty of "Jurisprudence". Experience in the social sphere (UrFO coordinator for the project "Volunteers of Russia-2018" on the basis Of the Association of volunteer centers). Experience in the media (assistant producer in the feature film "Buran", foreman of the crowd in the short film "Selfimania"). Ivan Ponomarev-Director of the video project. He graduated from the faculty of Music, film and televisi

11. How do you plan to influence your field of work if you are a winner of this edition of the Purina BetterwithPets Prize?

It will give you the opportunity to create a high-quality video, to spread the culture of the value of the relationship between a person and a dog.

12. How did you hear about this challenge?

  • Social media


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