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A community of 100 000 volunteers who take care of dogs when their owners cant (absence, illness, accident...), just for the love of dogs.

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I confirm that I am fully aware of the eligibility criteria and terms of the Purina BetterwithPets Prize and, based on its description, I am eligible to apply:

  • Yes, I’m eligible
  • Yes, I’m 18 years old or older

Should you be successful, please confirm your availability to attend:

  • Additional Skype interview(s) during the week of March 16-20th 2020
  • The Purina BetterwithPets Forum in Paris, on 3-4th of June 2020

Initiative's representative name

Thibaut Pfeiffer

Initiative's representative date of birth


Initiative's representative gender

  • Man

Headquarters location: country

  • France

Headquarters location: city


Where are you making a difference?

We have other 170 000 members in France (including over 100 000 volunteers), and some members in Belgium and Switzerland (a few hundred).

Website or social media url(s)

https://www.empruntemontoutou.com/ https://www.facebook.com/empruntemontoutou/ https://www.instagram.com/empruntemontoutou/

Date Started

March 2017

Focus Areas

  • Promote inclusivity
  • Enhance physical activity and wellness
  • Re-imagining the role of pets in society
  • Create social links between people and dogs

What is your current yearly budget for the initiative? If you are an idea stage, what early budget you would need to kick-off and run operations in your first year?

  • €500k - €1m

Organisation Type

  • for profit: an organisations whose main goal is to make income through business gains

1. Founding story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this project to succeed.

Passionate about animals, Thibaut, the founder of Emprunte Mon Toutou, was very frustrated because he didn't have enough space nor enough time available to adopt a dog. So he started occasionally taking care of other people's dogs, without asking any money in exchange, juste because he loved dogs. This brought him immense joy and well being. Not only that, but it also brought a lot of well being to the dogs, because he could walk them when their owners were unavailable, and take care of them when the owners couldn't. Doing this, he met several lovely dogs and friendly owners. So he decided to start a platform where people like him could volunteer to meet these dogs that are in need of more walks, care and love : Emprunte Mon Toutou.

2. The problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

We solve several major problems : - Many people (18 millions in France alone, according to our market research) would love to adopt a dog but cannot, and feel a deep frustration about this. - Many dog owners have no-one to take care of their dog when they have an issue (illness, life accident, absence) or simply go on holiday. The existing solutions are very expensive (dog sitting, kennels). So dogs don't always have the care they need.

3. Your solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

We connect volunteers with dog owners in need of a helping hand. We have over 100 000 subscribed volunteers, and over 70 000 dog owners. We aim to create long lasting relationships between the volunteers and the dogs they take care of. The volunteers take the dogs on walks (many walk the same dog several times a week), take care of them during an evening, a weekend, holidays... 98% of our volunteers told us that our service improves their well-being. 85% of subscribed dog owners tell us that our service improves the well-being of their dog. We have many testimonies of dog owners who told us that without us, they would have had to rehome their dog, despite how hard it would have been. Their situation (disability after an accident, difficult pregnancy alone, loss of job and home, etc.) would have made it necessary for the well-being of the dog. However, thanks to our volunteers, they managed to get help and keep their dog with them. For the dogs, our service has many benefits too : they go out on walks more often, with people who take care of them, spend time with a loving family instead of within a kennel, they live new experiences and see new places and new people.

4. Innovation: How are you innovating or using unique approaches to solve the problem?

First of all, allowing people who love dogs but cannot have a dog to meet dogs and spend time with them is innovative in itself. We use technology to create these connections between dogs and people : they subcribe to our website or mobile appw, and our matching algorithm shows them the most relevant dogs or volunteers.

5. How does your project harness the pet-human bond to help people develop important social competencies (For example: emotional intelligence, collaboration, empathy, resilience, inclusivity) and overcome serious societal issues (for example: violence, abuse, trauma, isolation, abandonment)?

The very essence of what we do is to create pet-human bond. We bring people a tool, our platform that connect people and dogs, and many people have done amazing things with this tool, tackling several societal issues. Here are a few examples : - Finding dogs to bring them in an hospital with disabled people to bring them joy - Isolated people finding a new dog friend and human friend met on our platform - Animal shelters finding volunteers in our 100 000 strong volunteers to come walk their dogs and bring them more love - People creating new friends in their neighbourhood through the connections we have made - etc.

6. Impact: how has your project made a difference so far in terms of both business outputs and social impact? How do you plan on measuring progress?

People get from dogs an immeasurable well-being and joy. And dogs always enjoy the presence of a human friend. We have connecteds tens of thousands of dogs and people (170 000 members are subscribed to our service) and brought more well-being. We have helped many people and dogs in difficult situations. We have worked with charities in order to help them find volunteers in our member base, and to teach them more about technology and digital and how it can help solve solutions. We promote responsible adoption by allowing people to meet dogs and understand the responsibility before adopting a dog. Many people that lived isolated have found doggy friends and human friends thanks to our network. We measure the well-being we bring to people and dogs through regular survey to our members. So far 98% of members tell us that Emprunte Mon Toutou bring more well-being to dogs and people.

7. Growth strategies: what are your main strategies for scaling your impact?

Our strategy to increase our impact is pretty simple : improve the platform in order to make it simpler to use and create connections and bring more people to the platform (through advertising and word of mouth). We spend a lot of time talking with our community in order to get feedback and improve what we do. We have ensured that we have the funds available for our growth, in order to be able to bring more and more people and dogs to our platform and extend our impact.

8. Creating shared value: How does your initiative create value for different stakeholders?

We create value for our members : for dog owners, a good solution to find people to take care of their dogs, much cheaper than dog sitters and kennels, and with a lot of love from the people taking care of them (as well as security : veterinary insurance, 24/7 vet line, etc.) ; for dogs (more walks, more friends, less time alone) ; for volunteers (time spent with a dog brings well-being). We also bring value to our employees : they work on a project they are passionnate about, they are well compensated, and they enjoy the company of dogs all day long in the office (they can bring their dogs). And finally we bring value to our shareholders (the value of our company is growing every year).

9. Financial sustainability plan: can you tell us about your plan to fund your project and how that plan will be sustainable in the short, medium, and long term?

We have raised a first round of fundraising (750 K€, in June 2019). We are also financing through the revenue we make on the app : users can subscribe to a premium plan, with additionnal insurance in case something goes wrong and a 24/7 vet line. The revenue has more than doubled year on year in 2019 vs 2018 and we plan a similar growth in 2020 vs 2019 as we continue to invest in our growth. We expect to be profitable in 2021.

10. Team: what is the current composition of your team (types of roles, qualifications, full-time vs. part-time, board members, etc.), and how do you plan to evolve the team’s composition as the project grows?

We have 12 full-time people in the team, with : 3 developers (web and mobile) 2 designers 2 customer experience specialists 3 marketing specialists 1 product manager And 1 CEO The founders include : Thibaut Pfeiffer, CEO : 10 years of experience in marketing, 3 years of experience in entrepreneurship Eleanor Stanton, Design Director : 12 years of experience in design / UX Breith Barbot, CTO : 8 years experience in development We plan to recruit more as we develop our activity.

11. How do you plan to influence your field of work if you are a winner of this edition of the Purina BetterwithPets Prize?

Like Purina, we believe that pets and people are better together, it is in fact the very essence of what we do : our job is to connect people with pets and bring both more well-being. The message we want to carry is that you can have an initiative that benefits both people and pets, has an impact on thousand of people and pets (as we already do), and is financially sound. Furthermore, that through technology some social issues can be solved in innovative ways. We have already given technological and digital advice to some charities in France (an area of knowledge they often lack), we strive to be one of the leaders of the animal well-being movement through technology. For now in France, in the future on a global scale.

12. How did you hear about this challenge?

  • Purina page or contact

Evaluation results

7 evaluations so far

1. OVERALL Evaluation

Yes, absolutely! - 28.6%

Yes/maybe - 42.9%

Maybe - 0%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 28.6%

2. Is this entry INNOVATIVE?

Yes, absolutely! - 28.6%

Yes/maybe - 28.6%

Maybe - 14.3%

Maybe/no - 14.3%

No - 14.3%

3. Does this entry have SOCIAL IMPACT?

Yes, absolutely! - 42.9%

Yes/maybe - 28.6%

Maybe - 0%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 28.6%

4. Does this entry have potential to GROW & demonstrate LEADERSHIP?

Yes, absolutely! - 28.6%

Yes/maybe - 14.3%

Maybe - 28.6%

Maybe/no - 14.3%

No - 14.3%

5. Is this entry VIABLE?

Yes, absolutely! - 42.9%

Yes/maybe - 14.3%

Maybe - 0%

Maybe/no - 28.6%

No - 14.3%


Yes, absolutely! - 28.6%

Yes/maybe - 28.6%

Maybe - 14.3%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 28.6%

7. FEEDBACK – Highlights

INNOVATION: You have a great understanding of the problem, have researched existing solutions, and have developed unique, thoughtful new solutions or used an old model in a new way - 75%

IMPACT: You use specific numbers and evidence to describe what your project has achieved so far (or plan to achieve in the future) and you have a plan for measuring impact - 100%

GROWTH & LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: You have a thoughtful plan for growth and your founding team has a strong combination of leadership and knowledge-based skills - 75%

VIABIBLITY: You have given a great deal of thought to not just the idea itself but how to make it work from a financial perspective in the present and future - 100%

CHANGEMAKING ACTIVATION: You value thinking around how to activate changemakers and empower them to innovate through your product or programming - 75%

POTENTIAL TO CREATE SHARED VALUE: You have a clearly defined plan on how to maximize shared value across multiple sectors and stakeholders - 50%

WRITING STYLE: Your writing style is concise, descriptive, clear, and specific - 25%

Other option - 0%

8. FEEDBACK - Areas for Improvement

INNOVATION: Be more specific in your description of the research you have done into the past solutions to this problem and focus on how your solution is unique and innovative - 75%

IMPACT: Provide specific instances of your social impact and how you plan to measure impact – it may be helpful to describe the beneficiaries, products and programming, and provide evidence of (or plan for) how to measure impact - 100%

GROWTH & LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: Your plan for growing the organization can benefit from more specifics. How can you round out the various skills of your current leadership team to make the project a long-term success? - 100%

VIABILITY: Make sure you have provided descriptive information about your financial sustainability plan. Where do the funds come from now and do you have a concrete plan for future sustainability? - 75%

POTENTIAL TO CREATE SHARED VALUE: Your plan can benefit from more thought on how to create value for all stakeholders, not just immediate beneficiaries - 50%

WRITING STYLE: Try to be more concise, descriptive, clear, and specific. Avoid jargon - 50%

Nothing – I thought everything was great! - 50%

Other option - 0%


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