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An automated total solution from design to wall framing construction to speed up 10x new construction and reconstruction after disasters

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Pre-Framing Corp

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Our mission is to provide automated solutions for the construction industry that vastly reduce costs, waste, CO2 emissions, and energy. Our first solution, the pre-framed walls, addresses the massive shortage of skilled framing labor and the large waste of material experienced in the construction sector by providing a low-cost prefabrication system, that can be applied in particular to any reconstruction after natural disasters

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November 2015

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Mauro Sica

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Our solution automates 75% of the steps involved during both design and construction. Specifically, we are developing a totally integrated solution comprised of: 1) “Area builder” software, the most advanced BIM software able to simplify and significantly accelerate the design process and eliminate errors and miscommunications entirely. This software: - Automates most of the steps, significantly simplifying the design process. - Collects all the digital data directly from the design, entir

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Long term, we wish to automate 75% of the steps using: 1) “Area builder” software, to simplify and accelerate the design process 2) Blueprint processing software, a plug-in for Autocad which creates a complete model of the framing from very simple inputs 3) “Layout Printer Robot”, a “Roomba like” robot able to print out the construction drawings on the floor in actual scale 4) “Pre-Framer Machine”, compact machine to fully automatically create partially prefab, collapsible wall framing


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