Mitigation of Biofouling Invasive Species and Protection of Endangered Species

EQO has developed an automated species detection platform technology that allows early detection and population activity analysis.

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EQO, Inc.

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EQO helps water resources control aquatic invasive species, like zebra mussels, by applying state-of-the-art genetic technology to environmental problems. EQO was founded to create sustainability by improving, protecting, and restoring biointegrity and biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems. Likewise, EQO recognizes that diversity and inclusion are vital to the creation of a sustainable and efficient ecosystem at the office and in the lab.

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September 2018

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John Higley

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EQO Pro Forma through Q1 of 2019


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Current EQO Pitch Deck

EQO Investor Pro Forma (2019Q1).pdf

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