Revalue Green Waste

The value proposition is the revaluation of fruit/vegetables waste for later use by putting into practice the principles of circular economy

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Organic Road

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Our social concern is green waste, that is, fruit and vegetables, out of shape that are not sold by farmers, products that are stuck and that the market can not sell, the waste resulting from the preparation of meals by public and private entities, as well as the non-disposal of products stored by such entities. The proposed solution is self-sustaining and efficient through the reuse of natural resources, in a circular economics perspective and through two sources of income.

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February 2019

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Andreia Abreu, Luciano Caldeira, Eduardo Gonçalves

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Green waste on the principle market of the city


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This is similar to our bid. We want to turn food waste into poultry food by feeding the food waste to black soldier fly larvae.