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Reco Engine prescribing plant substitutes for the chemicals & animal derivatives in our daily consumer products.

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The Problem: Whether we accept it or not, the fact is that we have created a reality where our homes are filled with toxins. Our soaps contain parabens, our detergents contain sulfates, and our foods contain carcinogens. This is impacting our health and our planet a lot more than we can imagine:

  1. Our Health: Cancer rate has gone up by over 25% in the last 2 decades.
  2. Our Environment: Manufacturing & Animal Breeding causes 51% GHGs. It consumes 45% land & 29% agri-water.
  3. Our Animals: We kill 65Bn animals every year for our food, experiments & urbanization.

Our Solution: Alternatives exist. Eg: Body Shop, Lush, Just Inc, Method, etc. But, they all still use synthetic additives, plastic packaging & high-pollution production! Yet, they cost 3-4X... not at all affordable for the common man.

So, to simultaneously & powerfully address these problems, we blended Biotech & our Ancestral Indian Science of Plant Nutrition and built a Reco Engine (Charaka) to prescribe 100% plant substitutes for the chemical & animal components in our daily products. Example: Toothbrushes & toothpaste tubes create 200k metric tons of plastic waste every year! Indian Science has a solution - Neem. The twig works as a toothbrush, toothpaste and tongue cleaner... a perfect all-natural oral hygiene tool. Using Biotech, we identified that Melia is the local (Chilean) substitute for Neem. We also could enhance & preserve it for better utility & shelf life.

This way, we are able to engineer healthier & sustainable alternatives to the products we use every day on, in & around our body - Personal Care, Packaged Foods and Home Cleaning - in an affordable way...

Alternatives so natural that you can even eat our soap!

Our Competitive Advantages:

  1. Due to our Ancestral Indian Plant Nutrition Science, we have already built a database of 1000+ plants. So, our R&D does not require years, and millions of dollars & data that other Biotech startups need.
  2. Our Proprietary Manufacturing Process (using Natural Processing, Zero Waste & Frugal Innovation) cuts down plastic by 100%, and pollution, land, water & energy by 40-45%. So, our products, packaging & production, all are green.

Our Business Model: For us, the 'how' is as important as the 'what'. So, our business model is built on the principles of local, fair trade & circular economy. We source from local farmers, outsource production & fulfillment to select local entrepreneurs, and sell via local retail stores (SME and Big Box, alike). This also helps us overcome statutory obligations, control our carbon footprint, and scale sustainably. 

Our products are priced at 50% more than regular, but 50% less than competitors. Our unit price is 6-10 USD, and we make 80% gross margin.

Traction, USA & Expansion: Chile is our pilot market. Reg. Retail, it mimics USA. It also has Free Trade Agreements with 60+ countries, and many grants for entrepreneurs. So, we have been perfecting our products here, to enter USA. 

In the last 6 months, we sold goods worth US$50k and grew at 100% each quarter. We formed partnerships to be able to manufacture & distribute 35,000 units per month. And, we have just signed two LOIs worth US$50k in 2019. 

We are also at the verge of signing up with 2 big box retailers. Once this is done, we intend to expand to USA via first, and then through Target & Walmart (where we have senior exec contacts).  

Beyond these geographies, we will scale by licensing our Product Formulations & Manufacturing Process. 

Recognition: Won Startup Chile's TSF6 grant & Demo Day, and SEED20 grant & Demo Day... totaling US$100k. 

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The Live Green Company

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Sustainability is the defining issue of our time. From toxins-filled homes & slaughter of billions of animals every year to life-threatening climate change, the impacts of urban lifestyle are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Without concrete action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be very costly. It is no more about a few people following a sustainable lifestyle perfectly. It is about millions doing it, even if imperfectly.

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September 2017

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