End of Waste: Exergy Systems, Inc.

Exergy deploys patented electro-separation technologies for the continuous recovery and recycling of resources, to allow unlimited use.

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Exergy Systems, Inc.

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Exergy confronts pervasive overconsumption of resources in the manufacturing by offering patented hardware technology products that allow for their continuous recovery. Our products offer a sustainable response to continuous demand for fresh water in manufacturing, while minimizing waste and wastewater generation, need for waste treatment and disposal, and related costs. Exergy EthorCEL recycles high purity water in high volume manufacturing, achieving 90% recovery rates and 70% cost savings.

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April 2003

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Azita Yazdani

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Why is the problem that your organization is solving important to you and your co-founders/team?

Water stresses are increasing all over the world, as populations boom, urban development increases, and climate change intensifies. The UN World Water Development report (2019) notes that four billion people already experience severe water scarcity. While water for consumptions is under these stresses, the manufacturing sector consumes large volumes of potable water to make technology products. Exergy EthorCEL product can relieve these stresses , which recyclin 90% of the high purity water used in high technology manufacturing, while saving customers about 70% of water related costs.

Please provide 1-2 examples of your product/organization making an impact on a city.

Many of Exergy's projects are implemented in cities, where they have resulted in major water use reduction, saved jobs and achieved sustainable cities. Example 1-Exergy implemented a plant-wide water recycling system at a major metal finishing facility in City of Anaheim, CA. This project won an award from City of Anaheim Public Utilities for recycling 90% of the water used at the site. Reducing energy by reducing water use, this project was also recognized as an energy innovation project.

Fast forward 15-20 years. What does your organization look like? What is the impact that it's had on society?

We see that future of water in distributed decentralized solutions - much like solar PV on rooftop. Exergy hopes to become the premier supplier of water purification and recovery technologies and products for industrials, buildings and homes. We hope to achieve this by offering innovative separation technologies that can offer onsite water recovery and purification. In 20 years, we hope to be a global organization that is able to meet the need of billions of people offering innovative, efficient, cost effective and reliable resource purification and recovery technologies.

What differentiates your organization? What makes it so that you can drive a bigger and better benefit to society than other organizations in this space?

Exergy has a specific approach to modify use and management of resources enabling efficient reuse. Our goal is to solve the large-scale demand on fresh resources. Out initial focus is manufacturing, where we believe we implement unique approaches using technology and process re-engineering. We have developed our products and methodologies to end the inefficient uses, which today lead to waste, costly treatment and disposal. Our approach offers a paradigm shift away from the use and waste, to a circular approach where resources are kept clean so they are continually purified and reused.

What is the key barrier today to your organization unlocking the maximum amount of impact on society?

Lack of funding/capital has been a huge barrier to launch our product in the tech segment. Additionally we feel that lack of customer education and knowledge in alternative approaches has limited the adoption and market penetration. We believe it will be imperative to educate customer, and conduct outreach and marketing once funding is in place to help deploy products while help customers understand the solutions that are being offered and their benefits to them.


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I am not sure why there is some confusion about proof of concepts. Exergy has built over a dozen system which have been sold commercially. Also, we have MVP in ultrapure segment that has been tested and validated in disk drive and semiconductor segment. I am happy to provide details on these projects. We have also published on the ultrapure segment work which is available publicly.

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