TrashBot: Making recycling affordable for buildings, and profitable for plants.

Our award-winning product is an automated, smart refuse bin that combines robotics and AI to sort recyclables from non-recyclables.

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Human confusion over what can be recycled and inconsistent recycling rules means that the majority of recyclables end up in landfills. To combat this post-consumer waste crisis, CleanRobotics has developed TrashBot, a robotic refuse bin that automatically sorts waste into the correct waste stream at the point of disposal 3x more accurately than people, resulting in a higher a recyclable diversion rate and decreased contamination rates.

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I love your idea. At Wells Fargo they have gone to great expense to provide for recycling but I am amazed that people just can't be bothered or sometimes I fear sabotage. Best of luck!

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Thank you, Robert! The Trashbot recycles for the consumer, so there is no chance of laziness or sabotage.