Acreto IoT Security

Acreto enables cities to implement technology-driven programs that are trusted and secure, including IoT devices, applications and users.

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Acreto IoT Security

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Internet of Things technologies are enabling major cities to initiate a multitude of programs to more effectively serve their economies and their citizens. However, these same technologies are not effectively secured by traditional on-device and network security. Acreto solves this problem with a simple to use security platform that is provided as a "utility", with customers paying only for the amount of security that they use. Simple, advanced, cost effective security.

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Why is the problem that your organization is solving important to you and your co-founders/team?

There is no more important mission than keeping our citizens safe and secure. Knowing that we can deliver on this promise drives our team every day. Each city that we encounter has their own specific needs and initiatives. Their needs may be driven by location, specific economic drivers, the government, tourism -- there are many different factors that drive a specific city's initiatives. In support of specific initiatives, cities will use IoT technologies in many different ways. Unless these IoT technologies are secured, citizens will lose their trust and desire to use these services.

Please provide 1-2 examples of your product/organization making an impact on a city.

The Acreto platform general release is August, 2019. We have had discussions with a number of cities regarding their security needs We believe that we will have at least five public organizations engaged as customers by year-end. Use cases include: 1) Security for security cameras and door access at homeless shelters, 2) Security for traffic lights and toll equipment, 3) Security for public school districts - bring your own devices, and, 4) Security against ransomeware (a number of cities).

Fast forward 15-20 years. What does your organization look like? What is the impact that it's had on society?

As a society, we expect to be connected everywhere that we go. And the advent of 5G is going to create "always-on" devices that are completely mobile. Just as we expect connectivity wherever we are, why can't we have cyber-security wherever we are? Why can't we ensure that every citizen feels absolutely safe when utilizing a city's technology driven services? Instead of spending money on ransomware, why can't cities focus on programs that their citizens need? In 20 years, Acreto will be known as the global organization that created ubiquitous security for every organization in our society.

What differentiates your organization? What makes it so that you can drive a bigger and better benefit to society than other organizations in this space?

While other companies have focused on making legacy security solutions just a little better, we started with a blank sheet of paper. We first asked many potential users about their needs -- what was their vision for security in the future. And the answer was very different than any solution in the market. So we started from scratch to create an entirely new kind of security. The need is for a security utility that can protect any IoT device, application or user, on any type of network, anywhere. Then we made it SIMPLE to use. Cities do not have budgets or skills for complex security products.

What is the key barrier today to your organization unlocking the maximum amount of impact on society?

Our key barriers to scale are funding and the time required to engage with cities. On the funding side, we are in the final stages of completing a $1.5 million Seed Round now that will take us through a Series A round in Qtr. 2, 2020. With these funds, we have organizational stability and the ability to grow with our first 25 customers. However, our global expansion plan will require Series A and B rounds. The second challenge is time. Cities require a lot of time and handholding prior to considering a new product. This is a significant challenge when you have a small team.
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Acreto Insurance 7-20-19-.pdf

A description of the applicability of Acreto to the insurance industry for dramatic risk reduction, policy/product differentiation and compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

Acreto Management Team-7-20-19-.pdf

An overview of the seasoned Acreto management team and advisors. This is the management team's seventh startup between the CEO and COO. The Acreto advisors are the most highly recognized global professionals in the IoT and cyber security market. From best selling books on IoT, to consulting engagements with leading countries, their expertise is well recognized in the industry that we serve.

Acreto Business Model 7-20-19.pdf

A review of the Acreto business model, from customer adoption to profitability.


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