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Arqlite has the potential to end the problem of plastic waste. We only need to scale it up.

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Arqlite has developed a proprietary recycling process that differs from existing technologies as it is capable of recycling the most complex, un-recyclable plastics (flexible packaging, laminated, aluminized, degraded, etc) and it can do it at a competitive cost to landfills. 

Our very first product is an artificial gravel, three times lighter and ten times better insulator than mineral gravel, used as a sustainable replacement to expanded clay and expanded polystyrene to produce light concretes and durable drainage layers.

Arqlite has two different markets: On one side it provides a recycling service for big plastic waste generators (both private companies and municipalities) that are currently paying to landfill these up-to-now un-recyclable plastics; and on the other side it sells its gravel to three different markets: i) Construction companies using it as a light aggregate to produce light and more efficient mixes, ii) Precast concrete companies looking for more elasticity on their products and a cost reduction on transport (weight is reduced in half), and iii) Landscapers and gardeners using it to create drainage layers on parks, gardens and other civil engineering uses.

Arqlite has recently finished its first production facility in Buenos Aires with a 200 ton/month production capacity, validating its technology an the acceptance of the product as every ton of gravel produced is sold and more clients are waiting for more. 

With unlimited markets on both ends, Arqlite has the potential of ending the problem of plastics around the world.

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Arqlite is Innovation for the Planet. Our very first product is the first commodity ever made from plastic waste. Not only eco-friendly but also highly efficient, a scale solution for a scale problem.

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April 2015

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Arqlite is innovating for the planet. We've developed the first upcycling process capable of processing laminated and other complex flexible plastics that now are being sent to landfill or incineration. These plastics generate a big environmental impact, but also a high economic impact to waste generators needing to pay a tipping fee to get rid of every ton. We offer them a sustainable solution at a competitive price to what they are currently paying to landfill and we then sell the gravel

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Arqlite has developed a proprietary process to capable of upcycling laminated and other complex flexible plastics that can't be recycled with existing technologies. As a result of this process we've created the first commodity ever made from plastic waste: Arqlite light gravel. Oriented to a massive market in the construction industry, this gravel has the potential of solving the problem of plastic waste. Not only eco-friendly, it is also 10X better insulator and 3X lighter than mineral gravel, helping to a more efficient construction and a cost reduction.

Please provide 1-2 examples of your product/organization making an impact on a city.

Arqlite is currently operating a 200 tons/month facility in Argentina, recycling plastics from private companies (mainly packaging producers and consumer brands), and selling the gravel to its main markets: Construction companies, landscapers and precast industries. Having validated both sides of the business: feedstock and product, Arqlite is deviating one ton of plastics from landfills for every ton of gravel sold. So far, more than 500 tons were upcycled and production is ramping fast.

Fast forward 15-20 years. What does your organization look like? What is the impact that it's had on society?

Arqlite is the only one capable of recycling laminated, aluminized, degraded by the ocean and other complex plastics at a competitive price. Arqlite has a combined growth model that includes self-owned facilities in strategic locations and a licensing system in order to take this solution to every city around the world. Arqlite gravel is its very first product, and with many more on the pipeline its mission is to solve the problem of plastic pollution around the world.

What differentiates your organization? What makes it so that you can drive a bigger and better benefit to society than other organizations in this space?

Arqlite was born as a scale solution for a scale problem. From its beginnings we designed our process to make it cost competitive, even to landfill fees, and to also offer a convenient product on the other side not depending on its ecologic features. We know markets traction by price and although we've always prioritized sustainability over all other matters, we aimed for a highly efficient and low price solution for a fast growth and adoption. Partnering with the construction industry which is always looking to become more efficient was the perfect match for massive use.

What is the key barrier today to your organization unlocking the maximum amount of impact on society?

We've already proven our technology and our markets. We are now raising capital to take this solution to the US and from there to the world. It takes time for new developments to become new standards but we are thrilled about the interest we see from companies and people from all around the world.

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