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We empower 130 Million Americans, racial & ethnic minorities to use their own health and medication data to improve their health outcomes.

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Our mission is to ensure racial & ethnic minorities find medications and therapies that work for them. Pharmaceutical clinical trials represent less than 5% of these communities. There is not enough meaningful data to inform people of color of side-effects and efficacy. Drugviu is solving this problem by authenticated user-generated health profiles inclusive of health conditions, prescribed medications and medication reviews. Drugviu has added a social component for true health collaboration.

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Why is the problem that your organization is solving important to you and your co-founders/team?

I have a father who had a massive stroke. The stroke led to many compounding health conditions which resulted with him being on many different medications. Due to poor coordination of care and lack of data on how all these medications would work he had several adverse reactions. Due to these issues he has missed out on a lot of important family events. My fathers’ story is one that is not unique. We have heard from many people of color that have shared in this challenge.We want to change this and ensure communities of color can have the best quality of life possible.

Please provide 1-2 examples of your product/organization making an impact on a city.

Drugviu launched in Chicago with a very strong off-line approach. We went to churches, communities centers, community health non-profits focused on racial and ethnic minorities. We do community outreach where we provide medication education and medication adherence seminars/informationals. Site launched March 8th we have done five health fairs, spoken at twelve religious health related events, we have also done informational reached over 6000 people and 1100 medication reviews.

Fast forward 15-20 years. What does your organization look like? What is the impact that it's had on society?

The future of Drugviu would have changed the paradigm of medicine to be inclusive. We want to have eradicated or sharply reduced deaths in communities of color from poor performing medications. Really understanding the value of ensuring all groups are included when it comes to health and medication research.

What differentiates your organization? What makes it so that you can drive a bigger and better benefit to society than other organizations in this space?

Drugviu takes a holistic approach to the health of communities of color. One in which has never been taken before. We have been able to isolate many of the challenges that come with being able to treat these communities wholly. Understanding these nuances will set us to be able to connect with these communities no other consumer health organization has been able to. With a unique vantage point, dedicated team and medical advisers with strong medical and pharmaceutical backgrounds we believe we are poised to make radical improvements to the landscape of medicine and health.

What is the key barrier today to your organization unlocking the maximum amount of impact on society?

We believe for Drugviu to have maximum impact on society we need to have stronger partnerships with insurers. We believe that offering comprehensive medication experiences along with being very intentional about isolating social determinants of health can be of great value to the covered lives for an insurer.


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