We Map Flood Zones More Accurately

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Dorothy's mission is to model catastrophic risk better than current standards, increase public accessibility to this information and simplify disaster insurance processes for the individuals who really need it.

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September, 2018

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Arianna Armelli

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Using our proprietary technology, Dorothy was able to predict the flood extents of Hurricane Harvey 60% more accurately than FEMA. Our product seeks to better inform property owners of catastrophic risk at the National level.

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Today, new home buyers are unclear of their flood risk and their coverage options. This is because we rely on outdated flood maps and antiquated insurance purchasing methods. So we built Dorothy, a catastrophic risk model that maps flood zones more accurately and offers comparable insurance quotes for purchase.

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Flooding is a global issue and the burden of that issue is increasing each year. Nationally we are seeing the effects on our infrastructure, economy, public health and housing stock. We would like Dorothy to be the national standard for disaster preparation. Dorothy will make catastrophic risk information more accessible to consumers. We will provide crucial data on risk as well as comparisons for insurance. As a country, we should be mapping risk better, we should be informing the public of that risk better, we should be doing better. Dorothy would like to be the better.

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We see the importance in properly informing and insuring property owners with the models we create. We believe that consumer need and understanding will drive increased policy distribution, which will create an interconnected relationship between the consumer and carrier.

What is the key barrier today to your organization unlocking the maximum amount of impact on society?

I think one previous barrier was immature technology and information related to catastrophes. I think many organizations have solved this issue, including ours. Another key barrier is probably funding and capital, but whose isn’t?


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