Real estate development plan transforming inhabited areas to a new system, lifestyle and technology to be more connected with nature.

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Rethink concrete jungles. Transforming traditional human inhabited areas to an ambitious new system, lifestyle and technology to be more interconnected and in harmony with the native environment. A system engineered to mimic the native ecological cycles based on location to sustain our population at no ecological footprint. A clean and healthy environment to improve people's physical and mental health, quality of life while saving the environment! We can save the world through where we live!

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March 2019 ( Early conceptual development stages)

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Meichen Lu

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  • Idea (hoping to get started in the future)

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  • Built Environment
  • Sustainable Economies

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  • Product innovation (Introduction of a good or service or improvements made to existing products)
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  • Other

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  • Communities of color


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