Free Charging Network (FCN)

A digital out-of-home advertising network that helps to solve electric vehicle range anxiety and promotes sustainability.

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TC Energy Group LLC

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Free Charging Network's mission is 10,000 Free EV charging stations in 5 years. Scale is realized via building a digital out-of-home advertising network that helps to solve electric vehicle range anxiety and promotes sustainability.

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John Truckenbrod

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Free Charging Network (FCN) Free EV charging solution was created to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the US.


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Photo of Amber Matthews

These sorts of "freemium" solutions honestly sound dystopian. Your solution shifts power increasingly to corporations by giving them more access to brand visibility in public spaces. Basically, an electric billboard that dispenses energy. The 21st century version of a subway advertisement meets phone charging station. A neoliberal yuppie marketing idea. Worse, because it also supports surveillance and invades privacy.

Photo of John Truckenbrod

We desperately need charging infrastructure if we want people to buy EV’s and quit driving gas powered cars. The cost of this infrustructure is high and even the auto makers are reluctant to invest in building it. The traditional EV chaging business model is to re-sell electricity, in some cases 10x its value to pay for the investment. FCN's solution is simple in that we suggest taking existing ad dollars and spend them on something that offers a chance at fighting climate change. I’d be interested in what you think a better solution might be? Your cell phone invades your privacy far greater then our ad sales proposal. Criticism is easy.