Next-Gen Sustainable Urban Farming

We are the next-gen urban farm sustainably growing the planet's most nutrient-dense superfood, Spirulina, indoors and year-round in NYC.

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We Are the New Farmers

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We are the next-gen urban farm sustainably growing the most nutrient dense food our planet has to offer, Spirulina. Using our proprietary photobioreactor technology, we are able to grow this protein, vitamin and mineral rich micro-algae indoors, locally and year-round, which enables us to sell Spirulina as a fresh product with significantly better taste, functional cooking qualities, and even greater health benefits.

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May 2018

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We agree with the UN and NASA – Spirulina is the perfect food for our species and for this planet. Our production requires significantly less land and water than nearly any other major crop or protein source (350x less land and 500x less water than beef, 45x less land and 8x less water than soy). Most importantly, we have the goal of producing the planet’s first-ever carbon negative protein. In our current pilot facility, we release 7x less CO2 per kg of protein than Soy.

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You might consider contacting Mars Farm in St Louis ... they may have some ideas to offer. Also, Good Life Growing which offers incubator space for businesses like yours.

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Thanks for the tips Robert - we will check those out!