ODN prevents car crashes and saves lives

ODN predicts where car crashes are likely, transforming how insurance carriers price, promote safe driving, and prepare for autonomy.

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ODN risk rates roads, monitoring unsafe roads, identifying leading indicators of risk, and providing the insights necessary to help more people get home safely. Unlike every other data product on the market today for auto insurance, ODN provides a measure of the environmental hazard of driving and monitors the risk that individual drivers are exposed to when they get behind the wheel. We're modernizing automobile risk measures to prepare for a future when cars have no drivers.

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Every year about 40,000 Americans don’t make it home safe, because they die in a car crash. And in most cities, this threat to public health and safety has gone unchecked, increasing year over year for the past decade. In the communities where ODN works today like DC, we know that this issue disproportionately affects people of color (they are 7x more likely to be hit by a car than a white person). With information about where it is unsafe, ODN helps cities deploy safety interventions and insurance carriers to incentivize safer behaviors that prevents crashes and gets everyone home safely.

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In Chicago and Washington DC, the Department of Transportation works with ODN to develop a risk assessment model to help prioritize public resources to support road re-engineering, education, and traffic safety enforcement for Vision Zero. This is truly innovative, helping cities visualize where car crashes are likely to be and be proactive, rather than reacting after people have been hurt or killed.

Fast forward 15-20 years. What does your organization look like? What is the impact that it's had on society?

ODN realized that working with governments we could motivate some change, but to meaningfully reduce crashes, we needed the support of individuals, who would change their driving behaviors. Having both the public and private sector aligned in mission will drive down crashes, save lives, and reduce costs. So, we are building a data product for insurance carriers, re-insurers, autonomous vehicles, and telematics providers to incentivize safe driving through discounts, add geographic precision to their territories and risk assessments, and provide re-routing insights for customers.

What differentiates your organization? What makes it so that you can drive a bigger and better benefit to society than other organizations in this space?

ODN recognizes the power of collecting and assigning information to individuals based on where they are. This geo-spatial capability did not exist five years ago because there wasn’t enough data to measure the world of risk around people. So instead, the public and private sector have relied on retrospective, individual-level data, giving them only a narrow sliver of detail about the risks an individual might be exposed to. Today the data exists, so we're highly motivated to create a product that makes it usable for the public and private sector to assess risk and make more informed decisions.

What is the key barrier today to your organization unlocking the maximum amount of impact on society?

It’s not every day that we find a way to measure risks we could not measure before. Given this, education about the power of our technology is our primary barrier to adoption. Secondarily, it takes us about 6 weeks to add a state to our product offering. Tt our current burn rate we will have 19 states completed in 2019 and can meet our customers’s demand for nationwide coverage in 2020. With an influx of capital that does not significantly dilute our preferred ownership, we can expand quicker and increase revenue by selling to larger, nation-wide organizations.


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