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Starts Dec 21, 2019
Announced Mar 01, 2020
Announced Mar 22, 2020


Are you 12-20 years old in Indonesia and have ideas to improve adolescent nutrition issue in Indonesia?

Eligibility :

  • Are you 12-20 Years old?
  • Are you Identified yourself as changemakers, (someone who give yourself a chance to lead and take action to create positive change)?
  • Do you have an idea or activity to tackle eating behaviour/nutrition issue that you really want to solve?
  • Do you plan to apply this idea/project in your community?
  • Are you one of the founding team of the idea?
  • Is the idea that you are going to offer is for short or long term phase?
  • Have you found at least one person to be part of your team?
  • Do you have the commitment to implement the idea and create a positive impact on the community?
  • Are you looking to grow the positive impact from your idea and has the desire to connect among change-makers peers?

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NOTE: You are able to save a draft of your submission, which you will be able to edit throughout the competition. Your final submission will be the submission evaluated.

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