Bluetooth guitar/amplifier system.

A kit to modify an electric guitar into amplifier. I am not sure what necessary components this would need. But hey no more bulky wires.

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Daniel tallant

Date Started

May 29 2019

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  • Idea (hoping to get started in the future)

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Craftsman guitars seem to be antiqueand built in the past of days gone by. Much less the wires being costly and bulky. My has t-mobile Bluetooth as do i. I would like to surprise. Any musician on this creation. .

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By getting this idea endorsed and in prototype form.

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Building a new kit leading from guitar to amp. I say kit because original guitar equipment is personal to that person that owns it. There would be an added skill to modifying an older guitar into a better system.

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There isn't anything like a Bluetooth kit anywhere. Maybe apple.

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I would need team members and a prototype to patent.

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  • Family support

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My mom.


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